Ricky’s unique system merges the history of machine text with our own common sense. It’s not another macro recording program or a simple data base of keystrokes. It’s an “in-action” tool that can read the action and changes for you. The main difference between other programs is that it is true

AVG Update 9.5.310 [x64] Build 10520

AVG Anti-Virus 9.5.310 has been released, which includes a new version of the “Dr.Web and Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus” support, “Microsoft Security Essentials” and “AVG Free Antivirus” application updates, new interface and much more.
[www.avg.com] Download

MouseTrails 2.1.5 (32 bit) [x64]

MouseTrails 2.1.5 is a non-commercial program that lets you find mouse trails. Mouse trails can be used to track mouse movements and clicks on your computer. With MouseTrails you can find mouse trails which have been recorded by other programs, as well as mouse trails which you created yourself.
[www.mouse-trails.com] Download

Autoruns (32 bit) [x64]

Autoruns is a utility to easily search, view, or delete active processes on the computer. You can either select a certain type of activity (like startup, shell, network, file, service, etc) or list all the entries in the active processes. Autoruns will show the user the details (from memory, file name, PID, title, etc) and then show the results with the user selectable settings.
[www.oracle.com] Download

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KEYMACRO is an effective virus removal program that stops malware attacks, deletes viruses, blocks spyware, etc. Using keystroke-capturing software, a user can record and analyze individual keyboard input. If malware ever attempts to sneak in, it will be quickly detected.
MacroGenie Description:
MacroGenie is a powerful keyboard macro application. It captures the keyboard, stores sequences of keystrokes, and runs them in an external program. The software is very intuitive. Users can edit sequences of keystrokes and choose which keystrokes should be stored as macros. MacroGenie has a sophisticated search engine. Search for words in any program by using keywords, you can also search the text by topic or by application. MacroGenie provides easy search from context menus and its own application windows. The software is very stable. Even the search index can be updated in a few seconds. And the search engine is completely portable.
Note: The full version of MacroGenie is not free.
■ any processor
■ 500 MB hard drive space
■ any OS
■ 15 days trial
Antivir Description:
Antivir is a useful and reliable anti-virus package for your PC. It scans all of your files on a periodic basis. Files will be scanned automatically, or can be scanned on demand. The search is carried out in three different ways, internal scan, external scan and heuristic scan. The initial scan will be a thorough scan of the files located on the hard disk. The internal scan will be carried out with the help of the antivirus engine. The external scan will be carried out with the help of antivirus engines provided by third party antivirus vendors. The heuristic scan is a scan using a tool that tries to detect malicious files by inspecting the file’s structure. AntiVir has very intelligent scanning algorithms. Antivir can be installed on your PC as an anti-virus tool.
■ any processor
■ 1 GB hard drive space
■ any OS
■ 15 days trial
McAfee AntiVirus Description:
McAfee AntiVirus is a powerful anti-virus, and anti-spyware package for your PC. It contains proactive technologies and a dedicated scanning engine which are not available in any other free anti-virus software. McAfee AntiVirus delivers