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There is no other utility that can handle all document formats as YKConverter Cracked 2022 Latest Version. It is based on C# and use Regexes extensively. It also uses T4 templates for extracting the text and, while the user gets full control over the extraction process, the logic is fully automated.

YKConverter Features:

Ability to convert complex documents from word, HTML, PPT, PPTX, Excel, RTF, TXT.

The extracted text is saved as UTF-8 encoded text.

Ability to extract text as plain text or in searchable form.

Ability to save extracted text to a file or to the clipboard.

Extract text from a document with regular expressions, included recursively in sub-documents, allows to analyze a document.

Ability to extract complex words from the extracted text.

Save extracted text in a database or clipboard.

Extraction of text from PDFs, Visio, VisioPro, and MS Word.

The text extraction process is fully automated, the user only has to specify a folder.

Ability to extract links.

Ability to set the minimum font size for the extracted text.

Ability to set the minimum number of words to display when extracting the text.

Ability to set the text to be only extracted from the title or body.

Ability to analyze and clean the extracted text.

Ability to filter the extracted text by keywords and phrases.

Ability to support to simple and complex relationships between documents.

Ability to group the extracted text by document types (1 document per sub-folder).

Ability to export the extracted text to a database (SQLite or CSV) or to the clipboard (CSV, XLS or TXT).

Save the extracted text as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, HTML, or PDF file.

Ability to save the extracted text as a presentation, archive or library.

Canceling an extract job:

Canceling the extraction will stop the process immediately. If you don’t want to stop the process, you can exit YKConverter before the end of the job.

You can use this option if you want to do a “dry run” of the extraction.

In other cases you can use this option.

The extraction is stopped when the process time is under 10 minutes or when the user decides to cancel the process

YKConverter Crack + [Latest-2022]

Based on Stratego, a tool developed by Mark-usl.de
For source code, see
Strategobasic website is dead but you can find many archived files on Web Archive.

Strategobasic is a macro recorder with one but powerful feature: It saves the typed (or cut) commands as a “macro”, which can be reused at any time.
Currently there are three types of macros:

All “macros” are recorded to files with.strg extension (currently it is just a simple configuration file, but in the future it might be expanded to a database file or other means).

The program has a menu (and a toolbar), which allows to select a macro to execute.
It is easy to use: “Select a macro” (or a macro with a specific name) displays the menu and the keyboard or mouse activities that are currently performed.

Press the Run button to run the macro and to add the commands of the macro to the main window.

Tooltip available: “Press the Run button to run the selected macro”.

In the main window is a link to the log file of the macro.

After pressing the Run button the program writes an XML log file to the same directory, in which the macro was performed.

In the log file is displayed how often the macro was run, the total duration (in seconds), and the input and output activities.

When the mouse or keyboard activity is stopped (for example, when the mouse is moved outside the program window or when the keyboard is pressed) the “Stop button” appears in the main window.

To display all macros available in the main window and in the menu, press the Menu button (or the Run button).

About the macros (from the manual):

‘Search’: Searching for macros in the macro directory of the installation directory.

‘Text’ (also in the menu): This macro is used to save a selected block of text.
It includes special characters:

DEL: (delete) or Backspace (delete previous character).

TAB: (move to the next tab).

SPACE: (move to the next character).

RETURN: (go to the beginning of the line).


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It can extract from all web pages and remove the html tags, paragraphes, images, table, etc. The utility also works with documents from various formats: html, word, pdf, powerpoint and excel.

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What’s New in the?

Convert: YKConverter can be used to convert text from various formats to UTF-8 encoded text. It can use as sources:

– HTML files using the HTML5 parser
– Unicode-encoded documents (UTF-8) in various file formats (txt, html, doc, etc.)
– DOC files encoded in UTF-8 format
– DOC files encoded in a variety of different languages (mostly European languages, German, French, Spanish, and English).
– DOCX files encoded in UTF-8 format
– EML files (including EML2) in UTF-8 format
– ODT files (OpenDocument Text) in UTF-8 format
– DOCM (Microsoft Word 97/2003) files in UTF-8 format
– DIVX files (video/x-divx) in UTF-8 format
– PowerPoint files encoded in UTF-8 format
– Excel files in UTF-8 format
– XLSX files (OpenOffice Calc or MS Excel for Windows) in UTF-8 format
– Powerpoint files encoded in UTF-8 format
– Acrobat (PDF) files in UTF-8 format
– TXT files (plain text) in UTF-8 format

YKConverter uses various libraries. It is based on :
– the SAX parser Xalan, and the IOException handlers of the OpenOffice Base library.
– some of the text analysis tools in the Java library AWTK (ATK, SAXTK)
– the Java library XML Beans (
– the Java library DOM (JAXB) (

Supported conversion formats are :

– HTML files with HTML5 parser
– Encoded text in UTF-8 format in various file formats (txt, html, doc, etc.)
– Encoded text in UTF-8 format in various languages (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.)

Documentation can be found in the utility itself.


The API is not complete and many features are not yet implemented, including :
– auto-detecting and converting the file encoding
– automatical conversion of non ASCII characters (including superscript, subscript, etc.)
– automatic selection of the best output file format
– selection of the best character encoding (i.e. Unicode)
– extraction of text from images
– conversion of strings in various languages

The text encoding feature (for automatic detection and conversion of file encoding) will be complete in future versions.

YKConverter is free software, under the GNU GPL license version 3.

YKConverter is distributed in source code form, and it comes with no warranty.

YKConverter has been designed

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz, AMD Phenom(R) II PBE @ 3.5GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7950
Memory: 4GB RAM
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i