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The Modeler itself is 32bit on OS X. The plugs are 64bit on OS X. For instance, I find in the preferences that the plug I use for generalizing segments, maya.generalize.segment.connection.export.segmentation is set to false but for instance maya.generalize.segmentation.export.segmentation is true.
I also use the plugin to track the state of my app when building and running code. On OS X 10.9 and later, this plugin is built 64bit, and 32bit plugins have been deprecated.
Since you are using OS X, I can’t help you with the 32/64 bit issue, but I’m assuming you are using Maya 2017 or 2018 and not a previous version.
The AutoCAD team doesn’t make any type of distinction between 32 and 64 bit builds. If you’re on OS X, it’s only 64bit.
Update: By downloading the Xforce plugin from the website listed in the answer below ( you can manually install the xforce.dll file to your plugin folder. Then you need to restart the app before you will be able to use the maya.xforce plugin.


What is the difference between the two pom.xml files?

I am building a.NET framework 4.5 web service using Maven (2.0.9). I have noticed that I can build and test this web service using the files below or this. What is the difference between the two files?
If I want to deploy this web service to a remote web server or use a different version of.NET on my development machine than what is the advantage/disadvantage of using one vs the other?
.NET File:


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