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Microsoft Access TextBox Control & Extra Space

I’m trying to find out how to put in 2 characters into a Microsoft Access TextBox that has a maximum length of 20. The reason I need to be able to do this is because I’ve got a form that lets users, when given a course name, enter the course name. Example: I have a form that lets you enter the name of a course, like Finance, Marketing, etc.
I tried putting a TextBox into a Label, but apparently the length limit is 40 characters. That way, however, I can’t enter more than the 20 characters that the Label can fit in.
I’ve also looked at a Table and tried adding a Bound Column in the table that contains the course name in an Access TextBox. This way the bound column could be full of course names, and when the name is typed into the TextBox, the TextBox automatically becomes that of the course name.
This works fine for me, but has another issue. In some of the cells in the table, the course name is already selected. I can’t see to get this to take for when the course name is typed into the TextBox.
Any suggestions? I’m sure I could hack a solution, but there should be a better way to do this.


Using a TextBox Control should be just fine if you want to allow users to type something longer than 40 characters. Your other suggestions are a little outside the regular realm of what people usually consider to be Access, but they can work.

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