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WhatsUp Gold Premium V1431 Serial Key
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WhatsUp Gold Premium V1431 Serial Key
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This is because your str.find returns -1 which is equivalent to not found. Assuming the file contains your string and you want to return the position you can use a try-except:
for i, d in enumerate(f):
if d.find(“DeviceProvider”) == -1:
print(i, d)
print(“not found”)

A better way would be to scan the file line by line.
f = open(“myfile.txt”)

with f as f:
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if line.find(“DeviceProvider”) == -1:
print(“not found”)

Also a better method would be to read the file line by line without use of an enumerate.
with open(“myfile.txt”) as f:
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if line.find(“DeviceProvider”) == -1:
print(“not found”)

import csv
import copy
import logging
import math
import shutil
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import re
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