To get an hexadecimal representation of an IP address, you must append the macro parameter for the required MAC address (6 bytes) to the required IP address (32 bytes). The keyMACRO is the following : keyMACRO XXXXXX YYYYYY ZZZZZZ
ZIPMACRO Description:
The purpose of the ZIPMACRO is to display a string with the length of the bytes in the IP address. The ZIPMACRO is the following :

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Paste existing text to make macros that can be run from a hotkey, or from a context menu. Paste a single line, or multiple lines to keep them together in a new entry in the clipboard and run them with a single keystroke. If you paste an existing macro or paste all the lines at once, the entry is deleted. The macro editor shows you the code for editing the macros, so you can easily change the code. You can paste text from notepad, word, microsoft excel and microsoft access.
KEYMACRO runs in three modes: command, normal and selection.
command runs the macros in normal mode. It can run macros from a file, from the Clipboard or from the immediate environment. If a file is selected, it opens the file in the default application. If the clipboard is selected, the macros in it are pasted into the environment. If the environment is selected, macros are pasted into it.
normal runs the macros in command mode. The macros are pasted into the environment with their default behaviour, like in command mode.
selection runs the macros in the selected text with the default behaviour. After macros are pasted into the environment, selected text is highlighted. This mode is most useful when you need to run a macro in an area of a text. To run the macros, highlight the text and press a hotkey.
Keymacro can run macros that consist of several lines, so it is also useful to paste the current selection to run a macro with it. You can open a macro editor from the context menu to change the macros. The editor shows the code for the macros, so you can easily change the code.
Keymacro allows you to use macros in the command, normal and selection modes in any text editor, not only in Notepad.
Keymacro can be used to create macros that run in any text editor.
Keymacro Description:
When you use ctrl + s, you can save your favorite word list. When you open the file, the list of the words is shown in list. You can add your favorite words by clicking the little + in the list. The best part of using ctrl + s is that your favorite word list will be saved in the same folder as the file you used ctrl + s.
When you copy the current selection by pressing ctrl + c, the text will be pasted in the active text editor. When you paste a text using ctrl + v,ш§ш№щш§щ†-шґш§щшёщe-шёщ†щeщщљщ/