Displays satellite photography of North America.
Click and drag to zoom in.
US meteo by sat widget, displays, right on your desktop, images taken by the weather satellite.
Now you can view and monitor the weather much easier than before.
■ Yahoo! Widget Engine







US Meteo By Sat Crack (April-2022)

US meteo by sat Cracked Version is a software designed by Google Earth Widget Engine.
The current version is 0.2.1.
It displays satellite photography of North America.
Click and drag to zoom in.
US meteo by sat Free Download widget, displays, right on your desktop, images taken by the weather satellite.
Now you can view and monitor the weather much easier than before.
■ 1. Register on www.google.com, get the Google Earth Widget Engine(gw5-1.0.0.jar).
■ 2. Install the gw5-1.0.0.jar to the “Java” folder, update the gw5-1.0.0.jar if necessary.
■ 3. Download US meteo by sat software from our website, unzip it.
■ 4. Log in the following address:

■ 5. Click on “Add” button to install the widget.
■ 6. When the widget is installed, right-click on the navigation bar and select the US meteo by sat widget.
■ 7. Enjoy the US meteo by sat software.

WorldView-3 NASA satellite.
Satellite image courtesy of NASA/NOAA.
WorldView-3 is a multispectral Earth-observing satellite designed to image the entire Earth surface at various wavelengths of light, every day.
WorldView-3’s visible, near-infrared, and short-wave infrared (SWIR) channels are engineered to deliver extremely high-resolution imagery.
WorldView-3 is intended to provide very high-quality imaging data at an extremely high frequency.
WorldView-3 is a joint project between NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
WorldView-3 was launched on July 9, 2016 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
Visit the WorldView-3 website:

Used to take aerial images and provide high quality products.
May be used for aerial video.
BTROS used to be the best.
Search for “Images by D3k” on youtube, should bring you to their channel.

A compact camera module used in modern digital cameras. CMOS stands for CCD/

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Updated with new menu, including many new widgets and widgets with new capabilities.
Many widgets have been added to the menus. All new themes available.
This release adds many new features, which makes creating widgets easier.

Widgets in Mission Control now have their own menubar.
New feature: watch file type in Explorer.
NEW Widgets:
* ControlCenter
* ClockWidgets
* ClockDisplay
* ThemePanel
* ManageWindows
* SingleWidget
* TimeWidget
* MetroWindow
* NetworkVisualization
* RecycleBin
* ExplorerWatch
* WidgetResize
* WindowButton
* WindowMinimizer
* WindowMaximizer
* WindowSystemControl
* TaskManager
* TaskKill
* TaskCapture
* StartMenu
* Programs
* Favorites
* Home
* Explorer
* Desktop
* DesktopPreferences
* FileType
* Clipboard
* HomeFont
* MEncoder
* DEncoder
* MDEncoder
* HDEncoder
* List
* Multithread
* NewColorScheme
* NewFileSystem
* NewMovieVideo
* NewMusic
* NewPictures
* NewRemote
* Add-ons
* SearchAddon
* InternetAddon
* AdvancedMenu
* ChatList
* LiveMedia
* ChatColor
* ChatVisualization
* DriveSpace
* Compress
* CompressLZ
* CompressRAR
* CompressRARGZ
* CompressBZ
* Netpup
* Netfile
* Netmail
* NetfileExplorer
* FilePup
* FilePupPlugins
* WallpaperPup
* NetworkBars
* NetworkIcons
* NetworkIcons2
* NetworkBars2
* NetworkIcons3
* NetworkIcons4
* NetworkPager
* NetworkCursor
* NetworkExplorer
* NetworkIcons8
* NetProcess
* NetworkProcess2
* NetworkProcess3
* NetworkProcess4
* NetworkProcess5
* NetworkProcess6
* NetworkProcess7
* NetworkProcess8
* NetworkProcess9
* NetworkProcessA
* NetworkProcessB
* NetworkProcessC
* NetworkProcessD
* NetworkProcessE
* NetworkProcessF
* NetworkProcessG
* NetworkProcessH
* Network

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What’s New In US Meteo By Sat?

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

Free Add-On

Display your company’s logo and information as a satellite image.
With this add-on, you can display the logo and message of your company
as a satellite image.
The satellite image is created and provided by a small group of
professional photographers around the world.
The time required to make an image is generally 10-30 minutes.

On-line stores which wish to show their inventory images as a satellite image.
You can have an on-line store that displays the images like a satellite.
All you need is a little disk space to store the pictures and the software.

You can create a flash interface that is like a satellite.
This interface shows different information at different areas.
You can add your own background image.

Simple satellite map application.
Display a map of the world as satellite.
Adjust the map scale and change the map style.

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

Display of an RSS feed from your own website as a satellite image.
Just place the URL of your RSS feed in the bar of this application.
See the map below.

Create a disk image that can be shared in one click.
This is a very simple disk image maker which can make a large disk image
without requiring internet connection.
Make a disk image from the folders you selected.

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

Display information of your new web browser.
With this application, you can see information about your new browser.
You can change the information displayed in the satellite image.
You can even change the background of the satellite image.

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

Display your own web page in the satellite image.
Just enter the address of your web page in the bar of this application.
You can change the background color of the satellite image.

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

Display information of your email.
With this application, you can see information about your email.
You can change the background color of the satellite image.

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

A unique map for your favorite store.
You can get information about your favorite store through a satellite.
Your favorite store will appear on the map as a satellite image.
You can have a satellite image in a shape of your store.

As seen on Yahoo! Newstands.

Satellite map of the world.
You can get the information

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / ATI Radeon HD 5870 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080