The ABC can key press. You can use the key input for programming.
This feature may be disabled or be limited in function.
This feature is not enabled in stock firmware, but may be
enabled from the Configuration menu.
The program consists of two parts:
+ 1) The initialization sequence (patterns)
+ 2) The data to be written
The Abc will respond to the following KEYMACRO actions:
+ 1) KeyBOT: Workstation Menu
+ 2) KeyLOAD: Initialization Patterns
+ 3) KeyPROGRAM: Data
+ 4) KeyRUN: Run (as long as you have power)
+ 5) KeyEND: AbcReset
+ 6) KeyCTL: Control
+ 7) KeyDEBUG: Debug
+ 8) KeyERASE: Erase (Erase Flash and EEPROM)
+ 9) KeyCP: Control Power
+ 10) KeyRSN: Reset Serial Number
+ 11) KeyMISC: Miscellaneous
+ 12) KeyEND: End
+ 13) KeyRO: Retrieve
+ 14) KeyRET: Retrieve
+ 15) KeySET: Store
+ 16) KeyERASE: Erase
If the key is pressed on the first keypress the “Send” action will
be enabled. If the key is pressed again the “Send” action will be
If the key is pressed at a later time then the “Send” action will be
permanently enabled.
The “Send” action will be disabled if another action is active.
If a key is pressed while the “Send” action is enabled it will send a
command. This may be ignored if the “Send” action is enabled and a
key is pressed.
When you are finished programming you may hit the “Reset” key to clear
the running program and the device. You may also hit the Reset button
on the back of the ABC to clear the device.
If a Device Command Key MACRO is pressed (like “CP” or “RSN”) you can
store this command in the device (if the “Store” Key MACRO is enabled
at the time of the Press). When the device is powered up again, it
will execute this stored command. This is useful for programming
multi-step programs.
If you do not store the pressed command, or do not store the command
at the time 384a16bd22

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