Record video streams from up to 36 webcams at the same time.
Preview up to 9 webcams simultaneously.
Take snapshots and export the clips to BMP or JPG file format.
Automatically record videos and take snapshots simultaneously.
Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for each capture.
Set automatic startup and minimize the window.


Multi Webcam Video Recorder is a lightweight web recording application whose purpose is to help you capture video streams from multiple webcams at the same time and save the clips to your disk.
Clean feature lineup
You are welcomed by a user-friendly layout that reveals a preview of the video streams directly in the main window. The best part about the GUI is that you can monitor multiple webcams at the same time.
The application lets you keep track of your webcams using four groups and display up to nine preview panels for each one. Basically, it is able to record up to 36 webcams simultaneously and show up to 9 ones at the same time.
A simple right-click on the preferred panel opens up a set of handy features, namely preview, save the current clip, activate the snapshot timer, turn on the full screen mode, and configure general options.
Several smart buttons are implemented in the layout for helping you easily gain access to the desired webcam preview window.
Recording capabilities
Multi Webcam Video Recorder offers you the possibility to capture and export the videos directly to your hard drive. The recorded videos are saved to WMV file format.
What’s more, you can automatically take snapshots at a custom time interval (in seconds) and save the images to BMP or JPG file format, record videos and take screenshots simultaneously, as well as adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for each capture.
A few general configuration settings help you automatically run the program at Windows startup and open it minimized, as well as check for updates and get notifications.
An efficient webcam recorder
Whether you want to record multiple webcams or/and take snapshots, you can rely on Multi Webcam Video Recorder for carrying out such tasks. eea19f52d2

What’s the feeling when you look at the future and imagine that the world is full of flying cars and futuristic buildings? Would you want to see that in real life?
“Future City” is a free 3D screensaver that shows you in a virtual 3D cityscape exactly how our future might look like. You will find buildings, skyscrapers, huge airplanes and futuristic vehicles flying around the streets. You will see how our world will be in a near future.
The world you will see will be near future with 2D and 3D effects.
A fast moving camera will show you how the city looks like on different times.
The city is real time, so you can see what’s going on right now. You will see roads, buildings, people, traffic lights, cars, airplanes, etc.
The layout of the city is done with ease. You can choose your favorite building. You can see how the city will look like on the dark or light sky.
You can play with the sound of your choice. You can turn the music on and off. You can set the time format and you can set the playing speed.
Please take a look at the included instruction file.
Future City 3D Screensaver is a free screensaver and it can be easily downloaded from our website. All you have to do is just click on the “download” button and the screensaver will start downloading. You have nothing to worry about.
Your download will start within a couple of minutes and you can get it right away. After the download, you have to install it. A short instruction file is included. It explains how to use the screensaver.
In conclusion, I believe that Future City 3D Screensaver is a great screensaver that you have been waiting for. After you have installed the screensaver, you can easily turn your desktop into a futuristic cityscape of the future.
You can also play with the sound of your choice. I would also recommend you to add this screensaver to your favorites and to check out the other free screensavers we have on our website.

The future of humanity may be fundamentally different than what we imagine. Do you think that the society will be able to survive in this time and form a real paradise on earth? In the sci-fi movies it is shown as a very optimistic way of living in the near future. Of course there are some exceptions: It’s just a daydream and many of the most interesting parts ofвђ¦/