Keyboard macros simplify your computer work by automating repetitive tasks. They speed up typing on the computer keyboard as you set them to preform simple operations, such as opening programs, performing searches and saving documents.
Typing key combinations is difficult for some people, and macros have a lot of advantages over memorizing keys and using shortcuts. Even if you aren’t a computer novice, you can start using them today. Make sure you have a really good understanding of how to set up a macro before you use it. The key combination you set up in the Macro tab of the program’s dialog will be saved in the Keyboard section of your preferences.
Setting up macros
Most macros use key combinations. Key combinations are composed of any of the following:
• Keys on the computer keyboard
• The keyboard that is associated with a mouse
• Any of the programmable keys on a mouse

# FPMend: Run from the command line
use LWP::UserAgent;
use Pod::Usage;
require 5.004;
use File::Find;

Find::Rule( ”,
sub { $time = glob “$_/timestamp.txt”;
print “$time
} );

sub trim_header
($filename, $part) = @_;
$filename = substr($filename, 0, -4) unless $filename =~ m|/|;
return $filename;

sub trim_date_suffix
($filename, $part) = @_;
$filename =~ s|.+\z||;
return $filename;

sub trim_path
($filename, $part) = @_;
$filename =~ s|.+\z||;
return $filename;

sub trim_date_prefix
($filename, $part) = @_;
$filename =~ s|^[^/]+|/|;
return $ 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is an extremely user-friendly software that allows you to activate remote login into a PC, Mac or Linux terminal, even from the internet. By means of a keystroke combination, the tool gives you the option to “dock” onto the target computer and remotely control it in the same way as if you were sitting in front of the keyboard.

Having received some good feedback from our beta testers, KEYMACRO 1.1 is the final release of the v1.0 version of this versatile remote desktop program.
The following is a list of changes:
– Ability to change color scheme
– A few new icons
– Altered the keystroke format
– Allowing multiple clipboard history entries
– Several general bug fixes
The major improvements have been under the hood, and focus primarily on stability and improved performance.
KEYMACRO is a one-time-use (S) tool, requiring no more than a single download. The standalone and self-installing setup will automatically install itself in the “System” folder. When installed, you will find the app under System > Keymacro (Windows)/ Applications > Keymacro (Mac)
KEYMACRO is written in C++ and uses the native Windows API.
It is an ideal solution for when you need to use your PC but do not want to give your username and password to an unknown person. The program works by simulating your keyboard commands, and its sole purpose is to enable you to interact with another computer in the same way as if you were at its keyboard.
It is compatible with almost all flavors of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and OS X, and will also support Linux and Chrome OS.
What’s New:
Stability and performance improvements
KEYMACRO now supports color schemes! The tool can automatically detect the color scheme of your OS.
Fixed Color Schemes
Added support for the “black” and “blackBold” color schemes
Fixed multiple clipboard issues
Fixed some minor bugs
What’s New in Version 1.1:
Ability to change color scheme
A few new icons
Altered the keystroke format
Allowing multiple clipboard history entries
Several general bug fixes

photoFix is a simple application to fix the white balance of your pictures. The program has the ability to correct the problem without affecting the color of the image, using a lookup table (LUT).