■ Magic Ipod is read only utility for recovery of iPod data. The software support files recovery from corrupted iPod, deleted music files and data recovery from corrupt volume and more.
■ It is intended to restore data even if the partition volume is not recognized by the system.
■ The software allows iPod music/photo/video files recovery from both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
■ The software contains latest and powerful algorithms for iPod data recovery.
■ It can be easily operated.
■ No need for expertise.
■ You can recover Data as the image of a healthy iPod.
■ Data Recovery wizard completely automatic.
■ No data corruption.
■ The software will not harm your iPod data.
■ There are no unnecessary prompts or warnings.
■ Easy to use and compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and all Windows version installed on Apple hardware.
■ Perfected output formats are supported by all Windows, so that you will not experience any compatibility problems.
■ Minimum System Requirements:
■ Apple computers running Microsoft Windows.
■ Hard Disk size for Installation.
■ 64 MB of RAM.
■ 5 MB of free Hard Disk Space for installation.
■ Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and Windows 98 compatible versions.
■ Latest versions of Microsoft Windows are supported.
■ Free of any annoying pop-up ads and viruses.
■ No installation required for instant usage.
■ No need to reinstall OS on your computer.
■ No hardware dependent.
■ Supports all iDevice including iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S1/S2/S3/S4 and other Apple devices like iPhone and other iTouch.
■ No need to follow manual to clean the junk files from Mac OS system and remove all useless files from Windows system.
■ Latest technology: Restore Data Recovery is based on Apple’s latest Firmware and Hardware.
■ Latest Encryption Algorithms: Protect your data by adding new encryption algorithms.
■ Latest recovery algorithms: Fully automated, no manual operation required.
■ Compatibility with all most current version of Windows is achieved.
■ Latest and fastest backup speed recovery eea19f52d2


Play the new 3D card game that is destined to take over the gaming world: CHERRY. Being more than just another Solitaire clone, CHERRY is a new generation of free card games. Featuring exciting new features, this unique Solitaire-like card game has become one of the most popular games of the year!

CHERRY’s unique gameplay combines Classic Solitaire, with features such as Alliances, Inspirations, Saved Games, Creative Layers, and more.

Special New Features:
• Rewritable Layers
• Retry on Draw Downs
• Goals
• Power-ups

CHERRY has the following features:
• Classic Solitaire gameplay
• “Solo” mode
• “Alliance” mode
• Achievements
• Power-ups
• Multiple collections
• Optional iPad screen-resizing
• Multiple layouts
• Complex, 3-dimensional, graphically-optimized layouts for tablets
• Dynamic background image effects
• Retry on draw downs
• Save/Load game states
• Switch layers/hide layers
• Customizable background images
• 12 unlockable layouts
• An extensive tutorial to get you started

One of the most popular Solitaire-like card games ever made, today CHERRY is available for free!

Syllable Info:
* Over 4 million downloads!
* Thousands of features
* Full featured including saving your own games, achievements, power ups, and more
* Updated regularly so you won’t find a bug!
* Beautiful modern UI that fits in perfectly with iOS 7
* Multiple Play-throughs
* Supports iPad
* The Easiest Card Game to learn!

Syllable is the game which lets you find out the math behind it. Math, being the foundation of any scientific endeavors, is the basic concept of all Syllable activities.

Syllable is a game which uses maths behind it. During each game, you will be solving different equations which will take you through a maze. The idea of this maze is that you must find the way out of it. Each time you solve an equation, you will find a different path to follow. This path will then lead to you getting more puzzles and more equations.

Follow along with the path leading to the exit. Solve equations to find the way to the exit. Find your exit out of the maze.

Key Features: