Keys are a set of user accessible shortcuts or hotkeys on a keyboard that are activated by specific keys, often associated with a specific macro. So they are used to access some functions from the user point of view, which are not available otherwise.

KeyboardMacro is a free program that will allow you to define and assign keyboard shortcuts, it will also show you a list of functions which can be called by the shortcuts you’ve set.

If you are looking for a simple but powerful utility, KeyMacro is for you!
Keyboard Macros allow you to perform common actions on your computer. For example, you can use keyboard shortcuts for searching and copying. They can also be used to select files, or even open programs. There are a lot of ways to use keyboard macros on a Windows PC, for example:
Copy and paste
Windows Vista and above include a feature called “Quick Edit”, or “Quick Clipboard”, which allows you to cut and paste text to a document, program, or website without opening the item. The text you are about to copy is identified as such, and the Cut command or the context menu can be used to quickly transfer it to the clipboard.
Shortcuts on your keyboard also allow you to quickly access frequently used functions. These are called “macros”, and they can be activated by a certain keyboard key.
Keyboard macros are triggered by specific keys, and they are called “hotkeys”. While a key is pressed, the application will register its name as the key was pressed. The applications will search for the registered name, and execute the corresponding function. In the example above, if you press the key combination CTRL + C on your keyboard, it will automatically copy what you have in the clipboard to the text document.

KeyboardMacro allows you to create custom hotkeys with a simple graphical interface. You can create and set them for any software that accepts keyboard macros, such as programs for text, internet, video, and audio editors, games, or operating systems.
KeyboardMacro has a powerful feature called “actions”. Actions can be triggered by a keyboard macro, or even directly by a hotkey. The actions are pre-defined functions that can perform a set of functions, or simply show the selection window, or show the menu, or show the context menu, or open an option dialog window, and so on 70238732e0

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A key macro is an application that is designed to provide a powerful and intuitive means to produce objective testing measurements for star testing images.

MATLAB Toolbox for Nonlinear Optimization
MATLAB Toolbox for Nonlinear Optimization is a software package designed for modelling problems that require nonlinear optimisation.

ENSPIRE – Visualization
ENSPIRE is a software program for visualizing 2D and 3D plots.

Reference Networks
Reference Networks is a software for reference networks and propagation delay testing.

Generic Computer Interfaces
Generic Computer Interfaces (GCI) is an open-source software for creating a custom user interface on a PC based on X Window.


*1. Field of the Invention
The invention relates generally to the field of data networking. More particularly, the invention relates to a system and method for providing authentication of a new user to a data networking application server by leveraging an existing trusted user connection.
2. Discussion of the Related Art
Efficient delivery of content has become an increasingly difficult problem as new technologies, such as cell phones and smart phones, have improved the ability to view video and high quality images. As a result, a user’s ability to gain access to content is no longer limited to a small number of network providers, or users who are required to connect to specific providers. To address these issues, traditional methods of providing authentication for a new user, such as a user with a new device, is accomplished by manually entering in the user’s credentials, e.g., a username, a password, a personal identification number (PIN), or a phone number. In addition, these credentials may need to be re-entered each time a connection is attempted with a new server. This has proved to be problematic since network connections are not always permanent in nature. For example, if the user is at a public kiosk or at a Wi-Fi hotspot, the user is generally required to provide an authentication code each time the user desires to gain access to the network, or to establish a connection with the network. Furthermore, these credentials are often required when the user is in areas with reduced coverage, such as underground parking garages, office buildings, and street corners.
Conventionally, many applications, e.g., social networking applications, email applications, and the like, require the user to provide authentication information in order to gain access to these applications. Additionally, many times these applications require that a user provide