Wrote by: [Sam Williams]
Version: 1.3
Size: 61.21 kB

AutoHotKey can create.bat or.exe files that will execute whenever the program is opened. These scripts are not dependent on AutoHotKey being in the system path and will work even if the program is not installed.

The script simply searches for a.txt file in the users Downloads folder. If it finds one then the file is downloaded and opened.
The file can be configured to not display the dialog prompt that asks for user action.
This is perfect for developers needing to check on email.

A sample usage script would be:

C:\Program Files\auto-outlook.com\script_outlook.txt

AutoHotkey can also be used to completely replace the functionality of the older Outlook Express Scripts.

Date: 16-12-2017
Author: Sam Williams
Email: s@outlook.com


When the user clicks a button in a WinForms application, a script can be written to perform the same function.
For example, an EmailClient application could have a button to send an email to the specified email address and automatically compose a new message in the appropriate mail window.
To do this, a script could be created to open the new message. This script should place the message in the specified message folder.
For example, to send a message to email address webadmin@example.com,
the email-compose.AS file could be created with the following contents.
NOTE: The mail server settings used in the following example are fictitious.


; The script will do the following
; It will search for an existing email to be sent
; It will read the email content and format it
; It will save the new email and send it
; Return the result code
RunOnce, EmailToWebadmin, SendMeanEmail

; This function should be in the public domain, and may
; be used by anyone, even though it’s not “free”
SendMeanEmail( 384a16bd22

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