A secure and effective cross-platform solution that gives you the means to determine MAC addresses of the devices on your network.
Simple and intuitive interface
The tool is very easy to use. The layout is standard, with a single, customizable window containing the four main tools. You can easily configure the parameters (intervals and timeout durations) of each tool and modify their appearance by altering the tab’s size, line thickness, and even color.
Easy to use
Simply enter the host you want to scan and click ‘Start’ to begin the process. The application will store all the MAC addresses you enter.
Security and stability
AntiFreeze.NET features strong security, and it is extremely stable. It is a cross-platform solution and works on all the operating systems we have tested (Windows and Linux). You can even operate the application in offline mode, which is especially useful in networks with many dynamic devices.

Gimpshop is an image editor designed primarily to allow users to edit photographs. It includes a number of basic editing tools, including resizing, cropping, recoloring and a few filters. It supports several image formats, including PNG, JPG, PSD, GIF, BMP, XCF and EPS.

Originally designed as a rip-off of Krita, Gimpshop can be installed from source in an offline mode (Gimpshop-Git), or through the Online Installer. It uses LibGimp to allow it to run without any requirements other than a GIMP installation.

Balsamiq Mockups is a suite of tools used for creating wireframes, prototypes and mockups. Its interface was based on the concept of prototypes: sketches that designers need to quickly test a UI or wireframe before moving on to a more expensive and time consuming task of building the actual product.

The most recent version can be downloaded here:

Balsamiq Mockups Basic is a free version of Balsamiq Mockups with a small number of features and limitations.

MyOpenID is an open source, lightweight, cross-platform ID management and authentication server and client. It aims to fill the gaps left by other OpenID providers by offering a more flexible, dynamic and open service.

MyOpenID.com is a host of open-source and free, standards-based authentication services. It can be used as 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is an easy to use keyboard macro recorder.
KEYMACRO works with a graphical user interface, so you don’t have to write any commands or scripts to work with it.
It is a set of very powerful tools that can record any hotkeys that you want to use in your applications. After recording the hotkeys you can use any of them later from a hotkey menu.
It has a wide range of features. You can use it to create any kind of keyboard shortcuts with a mouse cursor, or without a mouse, for instance while writing text.
You can record hotkeys for any windows application, without limitation. It can record with the mouse or with the keyboard.
You can set the timeout for each hotkey, and you can define the command text as you want. You can also record a mouse click or a text entry if you want to.
KEYMACRO has two windows interfaces:
1. The Keyboard Window (BW), where you can record hotkeys.
2. The Menu Window (MW), which is a menu editor window.
You can choose the size and the style of the two windows.
You can use BW or MW interface to record hotkeys.
You can record hotkeys for any window in any application. You can also use BW or MW interface to record hotkeys.
You can set the timeout for each hotkey, and you can define the command text as you want.
KEYMACRO also has an option to show a preview of what you will have after you have recorded your hotkeys.
KEYMACRO is packed with lots of other useful tools.
KEYMACRO can show you which window is most of the time active in the computer.
KEYMACRO can show you a huge list of windows. You can then filter the list to show just the windows that you want to record hotkeys for.
You can also define hotkeys for specific program. This makes it easy to record hotkeys for specific program, like web browser or e-mail client, without recording anything else.
You can use its Import option to import hotkeys from another text or CSV file.
KEYMACRO can import hotkeys from other applications. The hotkeys will be separated by a line (like a newline).
KEYMACRO can export hotkeys to other applications. You can export the hotkeys to other text or CSV file.
The exported hotkeys will be separated by a line.
KEYMACRO can import or