– Pin your own photos and save them as posts, boards and collections
– Manage collections, boards, pins and likes
– Share your photos
– Create collections, boards and pins
– Edit collections, boards and pins
– Work with existing collections, boards and pins
– Like and comment on photos
– Follow other users
– Use keyboard shortcuts to do things fast
Piny is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, but only for personal use.


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Extract numbers from a string (number of zeros to consider as the decimal part)

I want to extract the positive numbers from a string. But I am facing some problem:
input: 2
output: 1

input: 5
output: 0

input: 010
output: 0

input: 10
output: 1

input: 100
output: 2

There is a pattern: when there are more than 4 zeros before the number, they will be considered as the decimal part.
I tried doing this:
import re
def num(s):
for c in s:
if c==’0′:
if s.count(‘0’)>4:
return ‘0’
return c

Then I run it on python command line.
When I run this on the string which includes lots of zeros (010), it works fine. But when I run it on the other one, it outputs nothing (a blank space).
Why is it so?


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Nuvie has support for many different key-macros. Most of them are old macros such as NUOVIBK or MINUS2. There are two macros which haven’t been found yet. They are called KEYMACRO and KEYMACRO2
The only common macro is NUOVIBK.
KEYMACRO0 Description:
The first macro of the key-macro family is KEYMACRO0. The most interesting part of the description is the number 0 that appears in the second line.
This number is the bit-mask that specifies which bits of the keyboard matrix the user will use to control the game. It has the following possible values:
BitMask[0]= 1 –
BitMask[1]= 2 –
BitMask[2]= 4 –
BitMask[3]= 8 –
BitMask[4]= 16 –
BitMask[5]= 32 –
BitMask[6]= 64 –
BitMask[7]= 128 –
These bit-masks are enough to make Nuvie able to play any game from Origin or the Ultima 6, Martian Dreams and Savage Empire games.
Every game that is compatible with Nuvie has its own bit-mask which is stored in the ‘KEYMACRO0’ data file. The ‘KEYMACRO0’ data file has the following format:
-Number of rows (16)
-Number of columns (16)
-0xXXXXXX – Data of the game (ULTRIM6, MARDQ, SAVSE)
Currently the software will recognize only those bit-masks.
The ‘KEYMACRO0’ data file is the only one that will be recognized by the software.
KEYMACRO0 Example:
The previous example can be read as follows:
Number of rows – 16
Number of columns – 16
Value – 0x010011 = 0x00000101
These values are used to control a Matrix Scanner that is capable of controlling the original game controller with a modern USB keyboard.
KEYMACRO2 Description:
The second macro of the key-macro family is KEYMACRO2. As with the KEYMACRO0 macro it has the same bit-mask value as the ‘NUOVIBK’ macro.
KeyMACRO2 is used to play most of the