After the release of the beta version of the upcoming Firefox 3, you might find that the collection of files you are downloading is taking up a lot of space and time. Download Star for Firefox is an extension which allows you to grab content from any website on a daily basis and automatically clean up the output directory whenever you save or overwrite a file.

Select the kind of file you are downloading:

The extension allows you to download only files that you want (selecting only images, text files, etc.), while the option to only download files that match your specified categories or keywords will save you a lot of time.

Download Star for Firefox needs to be installed on the system where you will use the extension. That is because all the items it checks for have to be found in the system.

Select the kind of file you are downloading:

After the scan, the selection is displayed in a small list. Check any or all of the items to download them to the Download Star folder.

Select the kind of file you are downloading:

The interface allows you to choose what to do with the files. You can create folders with the user-defined names (“downloads”, “audio files”, etc.), renaming the file when it is overwritten, and skipping it when it is overwritten by a newer one.

Select the kind of file you are downloading:

To clear all the download history from the extension, click on the “Delete downloads from this user” option.

Select the kind of file you are downloading:

Download Star for Firefox is a nice Firefox extension. The tool allows you to download images, videos, audio, text files, and other documents from the sites you need to, and you can also organize them in folders of your choice.

What are the advantages of using Download Star for Firefox?

Download Star for Firefox can also be used as a download manager for those people who download a lot of files and want to download them in bulk. The program can be used to download multiple files from a website with a single click. It is particularly useful for files that come in different formats, such as the.rar formats.

Another advantage of this download manager is that it allows you to clear the download history in bulk by just clicking a single button.

The extension is a lightweight Firefox add-on with a minimalist design. It has one button and a menu 00b4fdf01c

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Translate, type, record video. How do you do these things without a keyboard? Macros are your answer. By combining keyboard combinations with system key combinations, macros enable you to perform actions which otherwise require the user to press several buttons or click several options. Now you can easily copy and move files, navigate through the file system, or create scripts with a single key.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Use multiple keyboard shortcuts to perform many actions with a single key. In Keymacro you can find out a lot of possibilities, like copy or move a file or a folder, change the text of a field or record a video. All actions can be recorded and are saved.
Watch Videos:
Watch a video from your hard drive or from online video streaming services (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Metacafe).
Videos can be selected from a list of media files or from a web URL. You can also upload your own videos to be shown in your keymapplugins.
Create Shortcuts:
You can create shortcuts from the content of a file or a folder, or the name of the file or a folder.
You can specify the target window, the key combination you want to use for each action, and the shortcut name. When the shortcut is created, the keymapplugins.ini file is updated.
Import and Export:
Keymacro includes a file manager.
You can drag and drop files from your hard drive or from another computer.
A “Go” dialog allows you to navigate through the file system.
You can also save a list of files in the same format as described above.
You can also import videos, files, folders, URLs, or even DITA documents to be used as shortcuts.
The latest version is available on the Mac App Store.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Change Keyboard Shortcuts:
View (and change) keyboard shortcuts:
Open a dialog box to view and change the keyboard shortcuts.

WordBook is an education app wrapped in an clean and intuitive interface, which gives you the possibility to expand your English vocabulary by learning new words and definitions. It supports a thesaurus, search function, favorites list, and history view.
Metro-style, elegant dictionary tool
Made as a Metro application for PCs and mobile devices running Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, WordBook can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store, since it