Spark Loader is a small software application designed to work as a boot loader for AVR microcontrollers. The utility can be used for programming flash and EEPROM using a serial link between your computer and microcontroller with the aid of any COM port.
It works with the following devices: ATmega8(L), ATmega32(L), ATmega128(L), ATmega16(L), ATmega8535(L) and AT90PWM3(B), as well as ATmega48(L) and ATmega169(L).
This is a Java-based program so you need to previously deploy the working environment on your computer.
Clean looks
The tool sports a simple design that implements an intuitive set of features. There’s support for a help manual that presents information about the program’s capabilities in case you don’t manage to decode its settings on your own.
The tray icon automatically changes according with the current task. For example, it is blue if the selected COM port is open and red if a file is loaded. The green color is used for signaling that a file is programmed into the chip’s memory, while the gray one stands out for no connections.
Importing options
Spark Loader gives you the possibility to import data from HEX and EEP file format using the built-in browse button. Additionally, the tool integrates a floating window (which can be moved to any area of the screen) for dropping HEX and EEP files directly into its panel. What’s more, you can show or hide the floating window and make file associations for HEX and EEP files.
Information and memory usage panels
The app embeds a built-in information panel that delivers data about the microcontroller (chip and boot size), currently opened HEX file (page and file size), as well as EEPROM file (page size and EEPROM size).
In the Memory usage window you can check out details about the program size (in bytes), percentage of flash memory occupied by the program, as well as EEPROM data size and usage.
Several configuration settings
The program comes with several tweaking parameters that help you automatically open the last loaded HEX and EEPROM files at application startup.
Furthermore, you can check out a list with all available COM ports and pick the desired one, refresh the port list, select the baud rate as configured in the on-chip boot loader code eea19f52d2

A small and light dictionary with the ability to look up multiple words. Look up words quickly and easily.

Glossa is a simple, small, and light-weight dictionary application that lets you search for words in your Latin.

If you know the word you are looking for, just select it in the search bar at the top, and Glossa will take you straight to the dictionary of Latin where the word can be looked up.
If you don’t know the word, there are four different tools available to help you. The word in question can be highlighted and searched for. If you do know the word, you can also check it’s origin and compare it to other Latin words.
The software is clean, small, and fast to use. It has an easy to use interface that allows you to add words to the dictionary with ease.
The dictionary itself can be sorted by alphabetical order, by search term, or by origin. The definitions are categorized by using letters in the word, which is a very simple yet useful feature.
There are no help pages or directions in the software. It would have been nice to have an introduction to how to use the software in the application itself.
There are some other minor issues with the software. For example, some words are not found in the dictionary, or some words have incorrect origins. Some definitions are also missing.
A few words appear in the dictionary, but are not highlighted. The application has no explanations of the words in the dictionary, nor the definition of them. All in all, this is not a fully functional Latin dictionary, but it is a great tool for beginner Latin students to have around.
Does this work for you?
Well, the software does indeed work for you. It’s very easy to use, has a clean interface and a nice dictionary. It even has some useful tools for looking up words, including a word highlighting feature.
Unfortunately, it has some problems that hinder it from being a fully functional Latin dictionary.
The interface itself could be better. It would have been nice to have a compact mode, a tool that lets you to look up highlighted words and a few explanations for how to use the software.
The dictionary itself is lacking in most cases, and there are some areas that should be better. It also has some minor issues such as the inability to add words to the dictionary and missing definitions.
All in all, Glossa is a nice and small tool for looking up Latin words. It has