The keymacro package provides definitions of the macros which are used by the keymacro framework to convert function and method parameters and return values into parameters and return values that can be used by the compiler to invoke and interpret a function or method.
Java Checker Framework is a framework designed to detect potential errors, warnings and other results that can be caused by the programming of Java. It can be executed by the Java compiler and will return a result similar to that of a Java static analysis tool.
Main package Description:
The main package contains classes and interfaces to configure the most important parameters of the Java Checker Framework.
JDBC is an interface and set of classes for using the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
JDBC 4.0 is a Java API which defines the rules and protocols for interacting with databases via JDBC.
Unified PostgreSQL JDBC Driver is a commercial version of the PostgreSQL JDBC Driver.
Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a NoSQL system that can be used as a distributed filesystem, a distributed hash table, a distributed data store, or a distributed application framework.
Kryo is an object serializer and object model for Java with performance characteristics that make it suitable for high performance use cases.
PIG is a high-level data analysis language.
Apache Lucene is a text search engine library, which is sometimes used as a component of other application software.
Apache Oozie is workflow orchestration tool for coordinating the execution of workflows in a distributed environment.
Apache Camel is an asynchronous messaging framework for Java.
Apache Batik is a web rendering engine.
Apache ActiveMQ is a software component for enterprise messaging and middleware.
Apache CXF is a framework for developing HTTP based web services.
Hibernate is a Java object-relational mapping (ORM) and persistence provider.
Kryonet is a library that allows the efficient and compact encoding of data for communication and distribution.
Arctic Bug Database is an online bug database for tracking bugs and features in the Apache Kafka® software.
JDBC-ODBC Bridge is a JDBC driver for Microsoft’s ODBC and OLE DB interfaces.
LingPipe is a toolkit for text processing and natural language processing.
BSON is a specification for a binary JSON-like data format.
Apache Lucene is a text search engine library, which is sometimes used 70238732e0

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