Note: To update to developer build replace existing files from latest PSPad full version. If you don't have PSPad installed, install latest full version first.
Portable PSPad is a comprehensive and intuitive software solution aimed to serve as a code editor to programmers, supporting not only plain text but also numerous languages, so anyone can successfully work with it.
No installation needed
Being a standalone tool, its setup does not represent a prerequisite to using it, which means that you can just decompress the downloaded archive and run the executable right away.
As a result, you can store Portable PSPad on any removable memory device and take it with you wherever you may have use for it, without leaving a trace on the host computer.
Create and edit programming files with minimal effort
The utility supports an extensive array of file formats, allowing you to load existing projects into Portable PSPad, in TXT, XML, JS, VBS, BAS, ASM, PL, SQL, HTML, CSS, CPP, PDF, HXX, INI, XUL, RDF and many others, being able to work with virtually any programming file you may need.
Among some of its most useful functions, you can find the syntax highlighter (which comes with customizable features), the ability to record macros or the option to edit a document’s HEX code, as well as bookmark creation, auto-completion, clips storage (along with a clipboard monitoring window) and a hash generator.
Moreover, Portable PSPad features a FTP client that enables you to connect to a remote server and edit documents without having to download or store them on your computer. It even allows you to execute commands in Command Prompt.
A standalone code editor for you to use
All in all, Portable PSPad proves to be a very handy and efficient application that was developed to offer you the ability of conducting your development tasks in a helpful and accessible environment, providing you with numerous tools to simplify your work.







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Develop with a New Gen Code Editor.
A big difference between the old code editors and PSPad is that PSPad is the only one to have support for all modern languages and can run under the modern OS.
It is also very simple to use, allowing you to work anywhere.
PSPad is the result of 5 years of constant and dedicated development.

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How to use PSPad

With PSPad all the functionality you will find in a “true code editor” are available within your own keyboard (no mouse at all).
Picking the right spot (on your keyboard) for the right key or command is the most important thing when using PSPad.
Here is a list of some of the most important keys/commands:
Press to enter edit mode.
Press to enter code mode.
Press to toggle code mode.
Press to toggle between code and text mode.
Use to get to a new line.
Use to get to the end of a line.
Use to delete characters.
Use to move text.
Press to indent.
Press to outdent.
Use to delete the current line.
Use to delete all characters in a line.
Use to change a color.
Use to change a color of a selection.
Use to make a selection.
Use to delete a selection.
Use to change a font family.
Use to change a font size.
Use to change a font color.
Use to change a background color.
Use to change a background color of a selection.
Use to increase or decrease the line height.
Use to increase or decrease the word spacing.
Use to switch between arrow and straight mode.
Use to move up or down.
Use to move left or right.
Use to view code lines.
Use to view selected text.
Use to start or stop recording a macro.
Use to toggle line comments.
Use to toggle comments on a line.
Use to toggle comments on a selected area.
Use to toggle “comments on selection” in the options window.
Use to toggle between code and text mode.
Use to toggle between code and normal view.
Use to toggle between text and code mode.
Use to toggle between a normal view and a source code view.
Use to toggle between an arrow mode and a straight mode.

Portable PSPad 1.3.2 With License Code Free Download X64

Do you need to work with programming files in a more convenient way? Does your keyboard have nonstandard commands or special keys that cannot be fully mapped by the default configuration?
To overcome this issue, Portable PSPad offers you an easy way to create, record and execute macros that will directly activate your program’s built-in commands or any custom functions. KEYMACRO will allow you to execute macros by pressing a hotkey and the ENTER key.
In addition, Portable PSPad allows you to add custom keyboard shortcuts, so you can define your own keyboard layout and assign custom commands to the program’s most important functions.
• Automate web browser actions• Open external programs and files• Execute command line tasks• Process files, folders, and URLs• Edit files in several formats• Extract data from text files and Excel sheets• Generate hex and binary data from files• Convert between formats• Generate random values
Language features and enhanced controls:
Are you looking for a more complete alternative to the most used text editors? Portable PSPad offers you a set of special features to help you work with programming languages. It supports JavaScript, JavaScript ES6, JScript, Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, C++/CLI, Java, JavaFX, Delphi, Kylix, Android, ActionScript, Python, Bash, TCL, Lua, Scratch, Scratch 2, TCL/LISP, LabVIEW, VHDL, Verilog, P-code, Emacs, Vim, TextMate, CLISP, Smalltalk, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Bash, Korn, Bash, C/C++, C#, Linux, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ActionScript, C, C++, Visual Basic, Python, Java, Coldfusion, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Linux, TCL/LISP, Foxpro, CoffeeScript, VHDL, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Bash, Korn, Bash, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Bash, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, TCL/LISP
PSPad Modules are useful modules developed by the community and offered for free.
Modules can be

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Portable PSPad is a complete code editor for programmers with a number of features that allow you to efficiently create, edit, preview and execute files in various programming languages: JavaScript, C/C++, HTML, XHTML, HTML4, HTML5, CSS, VBS, BAS, ASP, RDF, XML, TXT, PL, PHP, HEX, SH, TXT, JS, XLS, XLSX, EXE, PPT, PDF, MD, WMV, MOV, MKV, SWF, FLV, FLA, MSP, EXE, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PS, PSX, PS2, PS3, PNG, PIC, ICF, ZIP, BIN, CAB, CDI, CDX, CPM, CSL, DMG, ELF, EPUB, EPUB3, GZIP, HEX, ISO, TAR, JAR, KAR, LHA, LZ, LPK, LZH, M3U8, M3U, MAR, RAR, RPM, ZIP, CPIO, CPL, CAT, CPLX, COM, CPATH, CXZ, DB, DEB, DRM, DSC, DMG, DSC, DXE, DSC, DPK, DOS, DSC, DIS, ECF, ECI, EC3, EC4, ELF, EMF, EPUB, EPUB3, HEX, KIP, KIPX, LHA, LZH, M4V, M4V5, M4P, M4V, M4A, MP4, MPEG, NBT, NTX, OGM, OGMX, OMF, OMGA, OMGP, OMB, OMH, OMICRON, OMID, OLE2, OLE2B, OLE2C, OLE2E, OLE2FX, OLE2N, OLE2V, OLE2X, OLEFX, OLEHC, OLEA, OLEI, OLEFX2, OLE2, OLE2X3, OLE2XE, OLEA2, OLE2X3A, OLEA2X3, OLE2XE, OLE2X3A, OLEA2X3A, OLE2XE, OLEA2X3A, OLE2X3B, OLEA2X3B, OLE2XE, OLEA2X3B, OLE2X3C, OLEA2X3C, OLE2XE, OLEA2X3C, OLE2X3D, OLEA2X3D,

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