Exl-Plan Super is a useful program for new & substantial companies. Monthly projections for first year. Projects for the second and third years on a quarterly basis and, optionally, for fourth/fifth years on an annual basis. Similar to Pro but includes a greater range of assumptions and additional planning tools.
Here are some key features of “Exl plan Super”:
■ Quik-Plan tool to enable a user produce first-cut projections (three years for Micro & Lite, and five years for Pro, Super, Super Plus, Ultra & Ultra Plus) quickly (i.e. within about 15 minutes). Click thumb opposite to see the automatically generated Summary & Diagnosis Report.
■ Facilities for inserting constant and varying monthly values and for entering assumptions based on seasonal patterns etc. specified by the user.
■ Selective what-if, or sensitivity analysis, covering months and quarters for the three (five) years.
■ Sensitivity-analysis tool for globally changing selling prices, volumes, direct costs and overheads for months and quarters (Pro, Super, Super Plus, Ultra and Ultra Plus versions only).
■ Book-marking facility to allow a user mark a location within a worksheet and to return quickly to it.
■ Multiple safeguards to protect formulae etc. and help prevent accidental changes being made to worksheets.
■ Extensive on-line help.
■ Comprehensive set of tailored toolbar buttons.
■ Error trapping to advise when any of a dozen types of data entry or calculation errors arise (click thumb opposite to see the Check Balances Report which monitors the integrity of Exl-Plan).
■ Full access to worksheets and formulae to facilitate customization and expansion.
■ Automatically generated ‘what-if’ tables which display the impact of incremental changes in sales volumes, selling prices, cost of sales and overhead expenses on projected profitability for the first year.
■ DuPont-type profitability chart based on the first-year projections which also allows a user to explore the impact of specific changes in key variables and assumptions on overall profitability.
■ Tables to analyze longer term trends (five years historical plus five-years projected) for key ratios and performance measures.
■ Initial twelve-week cashflow forecasts derived from monthly cashflow projections for the first year.
■ Microsoft Excel
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Medianet is an easy-to-use free Internet Radio App, that allows users to discover a large number of radio stations and listen to them for free, without advertisements and external banner ads.
Medianet is a freeware Internet Radio Player for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It is a portable version of MediaNet, free for users to listen to online Radio stations.
The user can create a custom playlist of stations from the thousands of stations listed on the Web, and listen to them when traveling, without being tethered to any external device.
* Free Internet Radio App with custom station definitions.
* Listening to Online Radio Stations.
* Radio Station Frequencies from 200+ Internet Radio Stations.
* Special Features for the iTunes and Android players.
* Easy Radio Station Tune.
* Radio Station Switching between Playlists.
* Playlist Names are optional.
Medianet and your opinions:
Medianet has been designed to play Internet Radio stations via a simple “radio” interface that is very easy to use. However, should you have any questions regarding its operation, please post them in the appropriate section.
Please feel free to provide feedback on the app, any issues or problems with the app or server, or suggestions to improve this app. You can also post questions, bugs and issues with the app, by sending us an email at: [email protected]
Also, this app is run by the MediaNet Media Server. Please feel free to contact us for any information or questions you may have. Thank you.

Medianet needs to be installed on your Mac to work, including iOS devices via iTunes, PC or Android devices using the APKs.

You can get this app at the following link:
Medianet will provide users with a free and small utility that allows you to play Internet Radio Stations.
This Internet Radio Player from Wisdombay has options for defining custom Radio Stations on the playlist and tune.
MediaNet Description:
Medianet is an easy-to-use free Internet Radio App, that allows users to discover a large number of radio stations and listen to them for free, without advertisements and external banner ads.