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web2help help file tutorial

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4. HTML help workshop (online)
To generate a help file from a website, there is a way more user-friendly. The most used is HTML Help Workshop. With HTML help you create CHM and other help files very quickly, with a great capacity of content.
HTML help allows you to do that, but it needs some knowledge of HTML. In this example I will show how to generate a simple CHM help file from HTML help.
NOTE: HTML help isn’t free. It’s a payed software that costs about 50$ to 60$ and you need to have a valid license.

You will need to install HTML help on your computer.
The first step is to download the necessary files to run HTML help. The installer contains the.chm file and other files.
If the installation is done, start the software and follow the directions. It will ask you some configuration, select the location of your web pages.
You should now see a dialog box like the following screenshot.

NOTE: It’s important that you select the correct directory and the right language.
It will also ask you for the appropriate password for the website.
At this point you can start the wizard. It will allow you to edit the web pages that you want to be converted to a CHM file.
You should now be able to add some elements to your website.
The next step is to generate the CHM file that you can share with others.
This is done by clicking “Export to CHM file.”
Next you have to specify the location where to put the CHM file.
NOTE: You should select the option “Include all pages in the new CHM file”.
If you chose this option, HTML help will create a directory where all your website files will be available. You can also specify a different directory.
When you have selected the correct option, click “Next”.
HTML help will d82f892c90

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In the ‘Options’ window, select all options that you are not using. Then, click the button ‘Copy’.
When your…
if vf.all() == True:
print(“Looks like everything is on disk”)
#Clear everything out.


You have a self-referential loop here:
for filename in glob.glob(‘%s/*’ % filename):

This is looking inside its own contents, and the iterator will never be satisfied.
You probably want to do this instead:
for filename in glob.glob(‘%s/*’ % filename):
for vf in filenames:

In this example, you are iterating over filenames, and then iterating over those filenames’ contents.
If you want to iterate over all contents of files in a directory, you’ll have to iterate over all the subdirectories instead.
You can take advantage of glob’s special handling of symbolic links to accomplish this:
for vf in glob.glob(os.path.join(‘%s’, ‘*’, ‘*’) % (filename,):

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