Saferra LDAP Administrator is a tool that makes LDAP administration simpler than ever before. It comes with a fully customizable interface that enables users to easily manage all LDAP parameters in a streamlined, yet intuitive way. This feature is accomplished using a simplified graphical user interface that allows intuitive manipulation of all features and parameters.
Apart from its comprehensive functionality, Softerra LDAP Administrator makes importing and exporting data a breeze by offering several import and export formats, including CSV, LDIF, DSML1 and DSML2. The app can process large amounts of data without hesitation, making it ideal for large data management.
Complex scenarios can be solved easily, providing a swift and effective deployment and operation.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a semiconductor device having a fin-type transistor and a method of manufacturing the same, and more particularly, to a semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same that can improve operation speed of a semiconductor device by controlling an off-current of a fin-type transistor.
2. Description of the Related Art
An integration degree of semiconductor devices is being increased due to the development of techniques. Thus, the number of transistors included in a semiconductor device is increasing, and thus, a technique for decreasing the area occupied by the semiconductor device is needed.
To increase the integration degree of the semiconductor device, a fin-type transistor is proposed. A fin-type transistor has a three-dimensional channel protruding from a source-drain region. The fin-type transistor having a fin-type channel increases an occupied area in a limited region of a semiconductor substrate.
The fin-type transistor can control the channel by a gate electrode disposed on a side surface of the fin-type channel. Thus, the fin-type transistor can be scaled with a much smaller occupied area than a planar transistor.
However, the fin-type transistor has a small parasitic resistance, and thus, off-current characteristics can be degraded by the effect of the parasitic resistance.
In order to prevent the off-current characteristics of the fin-type transistor from being degraded, an area between the fin-type channel and the gate electrode may be reduced. However, if the area between the fin-type channel and the gate electrode is reduced, the parasitic resistance can be increased, and thus, the off-current characteristics of the fin-type transistor can be further degraded.Q:

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