This key is the key to unlocking all the features of the software.
NEW: Cutting Plots – Easily cut complex shapes or anything you can draw.
NEW: 3D Printing/Embroidery with Snap, Split, Tiling and Skew.
NEW: Advanced Sticker & Decoration Artwork for Camouflage, Modeling and Animation.
NEW: Plotter Artwork Optimization.
NEW: Optical Inks and Art from any picture/image.
NEW: Precision Crop for text with Reverse, Rotate, ZigZag and more.
NEW: World Largest Library of Textures, Patterns and Icons.
NEW: Import and/or Export files to/from any graphics software.
NEW: Raster Type Editor.
NEW: Embed images in the Drawing.
NEW: Easily apply any effect to the objects in the Drawing.
NEW: Import From/Export To Photoshop & Illustrator.
NEW: Create and Save graphs of any shape, size and color.
NEW: Live Graphs Layers.
NEW: Enlarge, Zoom, Pan, Reset, Freeze & Export to PDF.
NEW: Scroll, Pan, Zoom in/out the Drawing window.
NEW: Vectors, Shapes and Texts can be rotated, scaled and moved.
NEW: Run your own custom CNC controller using the Graphical User Interface.
NEW: Keywords to include/exclude and custom functions to customize your cut.
NEW: Show the keys as you type.
NEW: Type, Delete, Right click, Scroll arrows.
NEW: Undo/Redo.
NEW: Text areas.
NEW: Import and Export from and to the Drawing.
NEW: Shape/Text/Vector snapping to node.
NEW: Add/Remove nodes.
NEW: Crop text/shape.
NEW: Reverse and rotate.
NEW: Background color.
NEW: Custom functions.
NEW: Live graph plotting.
NEW: Live graph grids.
NEW: Custom functions from keyboard.
NEW: Easily display color map.
NEW: Easily set color map.
NEW: Quick Access Color Tools.
NEW: Several row colors.
NEW: Brightness/Contrast.
NEW: Grid lines.
NEW: Customize Scale/Width.
NEW: Customize Scale/Pitch.
NEW: All in a single layer.
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This application was designed as a part of the e-learning programs aimed at educating the new generation of architects. It is a free version of DiagramStudio Diagrams making program to demonstrate the basic features of the full version.
DiagramStudio Features:
Generate any type of diagrams with accuracy.
Create diagrams for projects of any scale.
Change the style and color of the diagram.
Create realistic rendering of the diagram.
Organize your diagram for easy navigation.
Download DiagramStudio Free Version


4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Diagramming Application

How To: Create a 3D Model With Autodesk Free-Form

To get started with the FreeForm shape tool, first we need to add an object. Enter data by clicking and entering the coordinates of the various points of the object you want to model. When the object is complete, scale the object by clicking and dragging on the object in the 3D view.
We’ll make a pin in the middle of the object and then extrude the object in the plane. As we extrude the pin, a flat plane is generated to suit the object underneath. We can continue to make as many flat planes as needed to fit the object inside.
Next we’re going to select the front face of the object using a selection tool and a plane tool. We can then convert the face to different types of faces using the properties tool. You can delete a face by choosing the face, right-clicking and selecting Delete.
The model is now ready for animation.
More Info:

Design and Template Advice

Create a template with the following questions in mind.
01. Legibility of text
02. Layout and order of text and graphics
03. Typography
04. Feel and color palette
05. Easy navigation with thumbnails
06. Compatible with different devices
My PDF file is available here:
In this video we show you tips for better design.

published: 21 Jul 2014

How to use the Sketcher interface for creating vector diagrams

Projects may contain many shapes and objects that require a thorough documentation to be easily understandable and kept in line. To create