The SiteMapBuilder Tool will extract the links from your site recursively and then extract and display a graphic chart with detailed results of the links extracted.
User CommandLine Arguments:
-s, –site EXACT NAME -s -site -SITE NAME -siteexact -EXACT NAME -siteexact -EXACT NAME
-c, –clear -c -clear -clear -clear
-t, –text -t -text -text -text
-m, –mega -m -mega -mega -mega
-n, –text-n -n -text-n -text-n
-c, –clr -c -clr -clr -clr
-f, –ftp -f -ftp -ftp -ftp
-w, –zip -w -zip -zip -zip
-a, –ascii -a -ascii -ascii -ascii
-x, –exact -x -exact -exact -exact
-p, –pass -p -pass -pass -pass
-b, –banner -b -banner -banner -banner
-d, –debug -d -debug -debug -debug
-u, –debug-unittest -u -debug-unittest -debug-unittest
-o, –config-override -o -config-override -config-override -config-override
-h, –help -h -help -help -help
-v, –version -v -version -version -version
After you have run the tool with no arguments a folder named “SiteMapBuilder NET – N” will be created on the computer desktop. In this folder a file named “SiteMapBuilder NET – N – SiteMap.txt” will be created. In this file the sitemap XML file will be stored.
E.g. if you ran the tool with no arguments, the file “SiteMapBuilder NET – N – SiteMap.txt” would be created on the desktop and it would contain the sitemap XML file.
Sitemap XML
Open a HTML file 384a16bd22

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CNET Reviews is a tech-centric Web site published by CNET Networks, Inc. The site provides in-depth coverage on the latest technology and gadgets, including mobile phones, game consoles, computers, and related accessories. The site also offers reviews on the latest software, Web services, and applications.function mempty = sparse(p, M)
% Create a sparse version of a matrix.
% $ Syntax $
% – mempty = sparse(p,M)
% $ Arguments $
% – p: sparse matrix
% – M: sparse matrix dimensions
% $ Description $
% – p is a sparse matrix, and M is a (1×3) vector of
% 2-character string describing the matrix.
% – mempty is the sparse matrix and M are the two elements of
% the sparse matrix. They are stored as the rows of p.
% $ See Also $
% – sparse

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