▸ Adding a complete list of icon sizes;
▸ All icons are with transparent background;
▸ Very easy to edit with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator CS5.
THIS VERSION of Icon Sets is a special update:
New toolbox with new tools added in the hope of providing greater flexibility to the user.
You can use the files with transparent background or with background color.
▸ The interface of the program has been updated and the interface of the program is more user friendly.
▸ Most of the files have been added to the main folder.
This update is available for all users of the Icon Sets Collection. You can download all files at once by clicking on the right side of the download button at the bottom of the screen.Satya


Satya is one of the eleven Saptarishi (Guardians of the Earth) who care for the earth and who had made the original Vedic civilization here. They are an integral part of the universe. They are responsible for the creation and destruction of the universe. Satya is said to be the most intelligent of the Saptarishi. He is the chief of the Seven Rishis, the teachers of the Vedic society.


Satya, the God of truth, was a student of the Veda, and taught many of the hymns that form the core of the Vedas. He is the chief of the Seven Rishis, the teachers of the Vedic society. He is said to be the most intelligent of the Saptarishi (Guardians of the Earth), and the truth-teller. He is respected for his capacity to remember all that he has seen and taught.

He taught the hymns of the Rig-Veda to the four Vedic Branches, named Atharva, Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, and the Puran. The mantras (or hymns) of these hymns are the core of the Vedas.

He and his wife, Yami, were the first teachers of the Vedic civilization. They are the original sages of the Vedic civilization, but their knowledge is not revealed by the Upanishads, as the knowledge of the Upanishads is gained by self-realization.

Satya made the race of the Brahmin, the Upanisadic tribe, the head of the world. He also taught d82f892c90

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