Some users may already know that, using the command-line, it is possible to hide an archive inside an image file, which can still be viewed and allows you to access the hidden archive later. However, some users may not be familiar with Command Prompt, so an alternative can come in handy.
File in File Hider is a small program that, essentially, provides you with a GUI for the command that is already available in Windows, making it much easier for all users to hide archives in image files.
Easy-to-use tool that features a minimalistic UI
The modern and fairly simple user interface should make things easy for first-time users, as you can figure out how the application works in no time at all.
What’s more, File in File Hider comes with some short instructions that can be accessed from the Help menu. If you aren’t sure how the program works, reading these can definitely be helpful.
Hide archives files inside images
For starters, you need to provide the path to a host image file and the archive that will be hidden within it. The application supports JPG, PNG and GIF images, as well as ZIP, RAR and 7z archives.
The output file will function as a regular image file, but the archive data is also stored inside. To access it, simply open it with an archiving tool like 7-Zip or WinRAR, which should allow you to view the contained files.
Alternatively, you can simply change the extension of the output image file to ZIP, RAR or 7z and try extracting its contents directly; this method can be hit-or-miss, however, though it should work most of the time.
Straightforward GUI for a useful console command
In the end, File in File Hider is a very simple piece of software, and it would have been great if it were also capable of extracting the hidden archive. Nonetheless, it can be very useful for those who prefer not to use the command console.









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Edimax SP-2101W Firmware Upgrade Tool is a light application. It is highly portable and easy to use. It performs an online firmware upgrade and extracts configuration information for each device in the network. It updates the firmware for Edimax SP-2101W smart plugs, unites them into the network with the other device, shows their model, MAC address, IP address and firmware version. It is compatible with all Edimax SP-2101W smart plugs in one network.
Edimax SP-2101W Firmware Upgrade Tool is the first generation of SP-2101W smart plug network management software. It supports all models. It can be downloaded and run on your computer and its runtime is as light as 22 MB.
Edimax SP-2101W Firmware Upgrade Tool Features:

Firmware upgrade for Edimax SP-2101W smart plugs.
Firmware version info for all smart plugs in one network.
Simple and easy-to-use interface.
Simultaneously shows the model, MAC address, IP address, and firmware version of each device in the network.
Firmware version info with the actual firmware version.
Compatible with all Edimax SP-2101W models.
Update the firmware version of Edimax SP-2101W smart plug from to directly on your computer.
Utilize network adapters and their interfaces.
Smaller than 22 MB.
Works in the network using the Windows Firewall.
The update is performed online and does not require any complex interaction.
Updates all Edimax SP-2101W devices connected to the same network.
Update the firmware version with the actual firmware version of Edimax SP-2101W smart plug.

# v2.02.20.3

Edimax SP-2101W Firmware Upgrade Tool Download Tool Mac Version:

Firmware upgrade for Edimax SP-2101W smart plugs.
Firmware version info for all smart plugs in one network.
Simple and easy-to-use interface.
Simultaneously shows the model, MAC address, IP address, and firmware version of each device in the network.
Firmware version info with the actual firmware version.
Compatible with all Edimax SP-2101W models.
Update the firmware version

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Carbon (carbon) is a high performance, open-source high-density, lightweight, 4-edge carbon fiber composite material. Carbon is an ultra strong material that is extremely light weight and is so highly thermally conductive that it is used to create cutting-edge technologies for aerospace, computing, defense, energy and other critical industries.

2D Maker is a one-stop 2D graphic design suite for Windows. It has all the basic graphic functions and drawing features that you need to develop your own 2D application in no time.
The included library and samples help you get started easily. Create your own 3D models with the 3D modeling and animation tools.

High precision Time & Timestamp (32bit)
High precision (0.0000001 secs) low-resolution (4.7832879e-10) Clock in seconds, hours, days, months, years, and time intervals
Real time Clock use at files and at applications
No need “overtime” “overtime”
Relative time, a more easy and use. (for example: from time to time)

pharm3d is a 3D medical software application, which can display, analyze and create 3D models of any organs or parts of the human body.
pharm3d Description:
pharm3D is a 3D medical software application, which can display, analyze and create 3D models of any organs or parts of the human body.
pharm3D supports dICOM, STL and ANI files. These files can be imported from many existing medical image viewers (MIV).
pharm3D has been designed to meet the requirements of medical scientists and doctors.

Vb2bau is a small and fast VB6 compiler for assembler languages. Vb2bau (Visual Basic to Basic Assembler) is a VB6 assembler for Visual Basic 6.0, 6.5, and VB.NET. Vb2bau reads an assembly, and converts it to a series of routine calls to a C program. The C program is built from an intermediate language, which is very similar to assembly. The assembler includes a garbage collector, optimization flags, and external functions and other support. The VB assembler is available as a free, open source product.

Image-pro is a Windows Image Processing and Manipulation application designed to be as

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Apologies to those of you who’ve already put time and effort into micro. I think the best way to start using micro is by creating a directory named micro, setting the directory as your home directory, and editing your shell (either /bin/sh or /bin/bash). This will give you a path to micro within your shell so you can invoke it with your shell command. In particular, any shell commands with a leading micro: followed by the name of the test program you wish to invoke, will run micro. e.g., micro:test_ScriptName.

You can quickly get started by taking a look at the micro directory in your home directory.

I know there are probably hundreds of unit testing frameworks available, but I personally think that micro is very easy to use and it’s purpose is very clear. It’s even super easy to write your own tests, and since micro is small and light weight, it’s easy to use in memory.

I hope you enjoy using micro, and you’ll find it quite useful. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail or to ask on the forums. I will be posting questions/answers about micro to the Micro section of the forums as soon as I get questions.

Since the installation package of micro is quite small, you’ll want to create a directory in your home directory (or any directory that you wish to test) and name it micro. The purpose of the directory is to temporarily store the micro folder while you’re using micro and you’ll want to keep this folder in your home directory to avoid confusing micro with your home directory.

To install micro:

1. Type the following command in your shell:

cd /home/your_username

2. Type the following command:

mkdir micro

3. Type the following command:


Now, open the micro folder in your shell, which you created in step 1.

4. Type the following command:

cd micro

5. Type the following command:


6. Type the following command:

chmod +x install

7. Type the following command:


If you’ve chosen to install the V2 version of micro, you’ll be asked if you wish to overwrite the current micro folder or create a

What’s New in the Micro?

Rideable Software’s text editor, “Sublime Text”, is still the most-used full-featured text editor for programmers. It combines powerful features like multiple cursors, live syntax highlighting, and in-line documentation with a simple, intuitive interface.
Multiple cursors (allowing for multi-line selections, copy-paste, and in-line documentation)
Live syntax highlighting
In-line documentation
Lifetime FREE license
Supports 16 million lines of code
Backed by a company founded by the creator of Vim
Supports shell, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, Python, and more.
As a bonus for existing users, a new installer is available with updated packages
Furthermore, the update checks your current packages against the latest release to determine which packages are compatible. It then downloads and installs only those packages that are compatible.
Similar to Sublime, this is a professional-quality text editor with over 1 million users that offers a rich feature set. You can find out more about the app and see screenshots by visiting the Sublime website.
Unlimited license: After you buy it, you can use Sublime Text as much as you want.
Packages updated regularly: Sublime Text automatically checks for package updates and updates only those that are compatible.
Unlimited editions: You can make as many editions of Sublime Text as you want for your projects.
Unlimited history: Like other software that works with the OS, Sublime Text uses time-based history so you can go back and edit the previous files as much as you want.
Easy to customize: Change the look and feel of Sublime Text by modifying its configuration or using one of its preset themes.
Extensive community: Sublime Text has a great community of users who are very helpful. If you have a problem with the app, you can ask it on StackOverflow.
Requires the Windows operating system.
May not work with all operating systems.
May be difficult to install if you are not familiar with it.
May not work with all software.
“Sublime Text 3” is currently in development.
After three years of development and nearly 3.5 million downloads, GitHub’s text editor is one of the most popular tools for programmers.
Features the GitHub website and GitHub client integrations.
Workflows support: Linking, viewing, archiving, and moving issues, pull requests, and issues from the mobile app.
Live preview: Providing inline previews of the diff and files affected by the commit.
Inline documentation: Code previewed in-line alongside the text.
Integrated terminal: Use your shell of choice to navigate your code and files, create new commits, and perform other actions on GitHub.
Customizable themes: Choose the colors and styles of your terminal

System Requirements:

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
Processor: Intel Core i5, 2.4 GHz or later
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 (Radeon HD 5000 or higher)
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 7 GB available hard disk space
Language: English
Visit the product pages of the games that are included in the package to learn more about the features and contents of the games.#!/usr/bin/env python
# Licensed to the Apache