TGPSoft generates thumbnail code for you according to your specifications and your website name. You just select what you want to be included and then adjust the settings for thumbnails and description (description is optional). It will create the HTML code that you insert into the HTML of your web pages. All you have to do is upload it to the various TGP sites.
You are able to select from a number of template options for your thumbnails which will change the HTML code. You can also use a custom file name for each thumbnail.
TGPSoft offers the ability to select thumbnails that will appear on the same line of your site, or all at the bottom.
You can also select the size of your thumbnails, which is 640×480 for most of the TGPs. However, you can choose to use any size you want.
You can also select if you want a description or not for each thumbnail.
You can set the description of each thumbnail so that it appears in the description box of your web page.
You can even set the location of your thumbnails (at the top or bottom of your website).
TGPSoft Permissions:

View the website file and image directory
View the website title and description
Download the software




TGPSoft User Feedback:
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1. Spectacular Rainbows Free Screensaver can be installed and used as an screensaver on any computer running Windows operating system.
2. Spectacular Rainbows Free Screensaver is an extremely easy to use screensaver – just press the Start key to install the screensaver, set its duration and click on “Start” button to run it. The screensaver will be available in the tray as an icon.
3. Spectacular Rainbows Free Screensaver offers a wide range of backgrounds, which you can easily change.
4. Spectacular Rainbows Free Screensaver presents a variety of amazing rainbows, which are split into groups according to their colors.

100% CLEAN Certification


Customer Reviews

Cool screensaver

I have been looking for a really cool screensaver for ages. This is it. Works like a charm! I have been using it for a while now and my family and friends love it too. I really like the animations, changing each rainbow.


Bought this for my daughter who recently started college. The rainbows in this one are different colors for every rainbow, and even sometimes it will split into two rainbows.

Looks very beautiful!

A very nice screensaver. I am very happy with it. It’s very colorful and has a lot of colors that you may not see in other ones. The way it’s set up, it’s not as cluttered as other ones. It’s also very easy to download. I recommend it!use crate::{
eosio::stellarkon::{self, App, Library},
layout::{self, DefaultLayout},

pub fn main() {
eosio::block::main(|| {
let library = Library::new();

let layout = DefaultLayout::new(&library);

let (_app, app_name) = App::new(“test”, &library, DefaultLayout::new(layout))
.start(move |_| Ok(()))

println!(“[{}] TEST”, app_name);