This award-winning software creates stunning desktop wallpapers for your Windows PC with a new 3D look. All the effects are created using the latest desktop wallpaper technology and are exclusive to Desktop Wallpaper Factory.

Desktop Wallpaper Factory is a 2-in-1 software package that can easily create beautiful desktop wallpapers using a desktop wallpaper editor. The program also includes a utility that lets you create, preview, and apply your desktop wallpaper on a Windows desktop. Both of the software components can be used separately, but they work much better when used together.

What is new in this release:

This release contains new icons, animations, and effects as well as added support for Vista and 7.


– Minor bug fixes.

– New animated desktop wallpaper.
– New 3D desktop wallpaper.
– Improved 2D desktop wallpaper editing.
– New icons and animations.
– New dropdown list for background color and color chooser for gradient colors.
– New glow animation effect.
– All Windows XP themes now work for the 3D desktop wallpaper.

– Fixed crash when opening dialog box to create a new folder.

– New 4D desktop wallpaper.
– New animated wallpaper.
– The size of the preview window was increased in the Windows XP version.
– Fixed startup crash in the Windows XP version.
– Added support for Vista and 7.

This wallpaper wallpaper tool contains a desktop wallpaper editor, a wallpaper previewer, and a method for automatically adjusting the desktop wallpaper.

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This software product has been tested for the latest functionality and compatibility. As such, it may not support older operating systems and hardware.

Wallpaper Softwallpaper Cram is a desktop wallpaper and grid app that displays stunning wallpaper images and gridwallpaper. This program supports a variety of desktop wallpaper effects that include effects like fade, blur, light blur, iridescence, animation, and more.

This software has a simple interface that allows the user to view all of the desktop wallpaper images. Once a wallpaper is selected, the application will automatically set it as the desktop wallpaper for the computer or on each of the user’s desktops.

The application will display the desktop wallpaper in eea19f52d2

BullGuard Antivirus helps you to fight against viruses, spam, malware, spyware, worms and other potentially unwanted applications, which have a negative impact on your PC.
Key Features:
– System and component health check.
– Safe browsing.
– Antivirus engine.
– Antispam module.
– Safe downloads.
– Web browser protection.
– Antispyware.
– Anti-rootkit.
– Internet security.
– Remote scanning.
– Dynamic analysis of threats.
– Threats database.
– Active and scheduled scan modes.
– Password manager.
– Network data protection.
– File reputation.
– Hotkeys.
– Email protection.
– Encryption.
– Support of file formats.
– Other services.
BullGuard Antivirus Options:
We have detailed information about the features available with BullGuard Antivirus, please check the table below:
Feature Security Features
Supported file formats…
Supported file extensions…
User interface…
Windows, Linux
Installation methods…
Auto install, manual install, Web install
Supported language…
English, Russian, Spanish
Supported file types…
Supported operating systems…
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Supported browser versions…
Internet Explorer 8.0/9.0, Mozilla Firefox 10, Opera 9.0
Safe browsing with BullGuard Antivirus
BullGuard Antivirus has various anti-spam and anti-malware features that help to protect your system from all sorts of email and web threats. With BullGuard Antivirus you can scan, block and delete those that are infected with spyware and viruses. By keeping your computer safe, you can concentrate on your work.
Safe browsing with BullGuard Antivirus
BullGuard Antivirus’s safe browsing feature is designed to keep your Internet browsing safe from malicious content. It blocks web pages that contain malicious software, as well as dubious URLs and hidden content.
In addition, the safe browsing feature allows you to browse through websites without worrying that you are going to download a virus from one of them. You can also report suspicious content or activity and the application will automatically remove it.
What is a URL?
The Uniform Resource