* Explore a wide range of transport streams and select the formats of interest
* Discover which channels are currently active
* Use a variety of charting options to analyze data
* Record and playback MPEG-2 transport streams
* Analyze protocols with ease
* Use recording options and select the application of your choice for playback
* Retrieve channel logos and videos
* Fast display of raw TV-logoMorphological and morphometric analysis of the rat hippocampus after long-term ketamine treatment.
Morphological and morphometric analysis of the rat hippocampus after long-term ketamine treatment. J Anesthesiol Analgesia. 2011;16:698-704. OBJECTIVE Ketamine is a common anaesthetic used during surgery. Side effects such as cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric disorders may occur in the postoperative period, but the mechanism of these side effects has not been fully understood. The purpose of this study is to analyse the long-term effect of ketamine on hippocampal cells. This animal study used 24 male Wistar rats. Rats were injected with ketamine (0.9 mg/kg, IP) once per day for 21 days. To assess the long-term effect of ketamine on hippocampal cells, we analysed the morphology and the size of pyramidal cells (PCs) and nonpyramidal cells (NPCs) and the proportion of different neuronal and glial subtypes. Ketamine treatment induced significant increases in the number of cells and dendritic length of PCs and in the size of the soma and dendrites of the PC and NPCs. The number of doublecortin-positive immature neurons was significantly increased in the CA3 region of the hippocampus. Ketamine treatment decreased the number of calbindin-positive astrocytes in the hippocampus. The number of Olig2-positive oligodendrocytes was significantly decreased in the brain. There was no significant change in the number of NeuN-positive neurons and in the proportion of various subtypes of glial cells in the hippocampus. The long-term effects of ketamine on the hippocampus may be related to changes in immature neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.Anthropologist Marie Walsh explains the importance of intergenerational communication.

Ed: This video was shot in 2016 and received a top honour at ‘The Annual User Experience Awards’ – ‘The Big Top UX Awards.’ We are really honoured d82f892c90

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Allows an application to request that a USB flash be used to store a single key, making it possible to use multiple USB flash drives to store different keys.
The user may activate a set of preferred key identifiers, password and/or user names and return them to the application.
The application can then require the user to enter the password and/or verify the user.

The application may also request a random set of keys from the user.
This set of keys may be returned to the application in encrypted form and the keys may be decrypted and stored on a suitable USB flash.

This application is important for companies who work with a large number of employees and must restrict access to sensitive data to these employees.
The organization can provide the employees with USB flash drives containing the key, password and the user IDs and passwords.
After the flash drive is inserted in the user’s computer, it will be recognised and the key, password, user IDs and passwords can be stored in the computer’s memory.

The flash drive can be easily replaced when it becomes corrupted and its content lost.
The application can be run on all Windows versions including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Github repository

Category:Computer security software
Category:Cryptographic software
Why the WWW Is Great – dbreunig

An excellent post. It’s one of those rare blog posts where I’d like to
highlight what I think are the actual take aways of the author’s argument:

1) Novelty.

2) An efficient mechanism for showing content (one stream).

3) An efficient mechanism for transmitting content (one stream).

4) There is a limited number of peers/networks and therefore bandwidth.

5) The congestion should be borne by the content creator, not the end user.

6) Content publishers and distributors are the source of media content, they
are not the medium.

I agree, but the first two points seem to have been proven wrong.

Bing is a far more efficient search engine than Google. Not only is the
loading time reduced considerably,