RAD Studio is a powerful application development environment, offering programmers the possibility to create programs that can run on various platforms out there, including desktop and mobile ones (such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS).
The tool comes with FireDAC, a comprehensive Universal Data Access library, making it easy for developers to create connected utilities so that users could access enterprise data and services. Moreover, these applications can connect to wearables and sensors.
Support for multi-UI form factors
With the help of this high-performance utility, users can create applications that sport a UI that can scale across multiple form factors. The toolkit makes it possible for programmers to design native applications from a single codebase and to optimize them for increased performance.
Right from the start, developers can choose the type of program they want to build, as they can make modifications to the code to make sure that their software features full compatibility with the targeted devices.
Deploy apps on multiple architectures
RAD Studio provides users with the possibility to create and deploy applications that can run on both x32 and x64 architectures, as well as on multi-core devices, regardless of whether they are personal computers or mobile devices.
Developers can take advantage of Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS), which functions as a middleware solution, which enables secure access to enterprise databases and which also includes support for push notifications on both Android and iOS devices.
Application debugging and reporting tools
The development program allows application builders to take advantage of powerful debugging capabilities, thus being able to ensure the functionality of their software at all times. Moreover, they can also review their code when needed, and can immediately run applications for verification purposes.
A robust development tool
To conclude, RAD Studio provides programmers with a powerful development environment to create connected applications and software that scale on multiple platforms and architectures but share a common codebase. It also features audit and debugging capabilities, all from a single, comprehensive interface.
NOTE: You need to request a trial license key before using this application.

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I am not sure about that.. It seem a bit like Microsoft SQL Server 2008.. There are several of the UIs and one tool and eea19f52d2


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