CachedBuffers is an object library for Delphi  that implements a portable, flexible and fast caching mechanism for Delphi . CachedBuffers  object supports objects , strings and other data types that you wish to cache.

CachedBuffers Features:
CachedBuffers has the following features:

CachedBuffers is a very light-weight component library for Delphi  with only one unit. The library is small in size and its requirements are easily satisfied by most Delphi  projects.
CachedBuffers is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means it can be freely used, modified and distributed.
CachedBuffers is distributed in free, open source and you can contribute to it.
CachedBuffers is completely portable between Windows and Linux.
CachedBuffers is written in Delphi, and can therefore be used with all Delphi versions that are currently available.
CachedBuffers is based on the FastMM library and uses the same mechanisms that FastMM does.
CachedBuffers supports unlimited object counts and unlimited caching depth.
CachedBuffers is Unicode-based and supports Unicode strings, characters and characters.
CachedBuffers is a completely stand-alone, independent component library for Delphi .
CachedBuffers is easily extendible.
CachedBuffers is highly performant.
CachedBuffers is a clean and modular design, so you can easily add more and more cache methods if you need them.
CachedBuffers is small, fast and well-suited for use in most applications.
CachedBuffers can be used in production and in other applications such as Windows applications and other network applications.
CachedBuffers can be used in mobile applications such as cell phones and tablet devices.
CachedBuffers is fully compatible with the FastMM component manager.
CachedBuffers supports Delphi 7 to XE2 and Delphi for iOS.
CachedBuffers supports all Delphi  units.
CachedBuffers supports a number of interesting data types, such as boolean, integers, strings, characters, rectangles and bitmaps.
CachedBuffers is a complete library with good documentation and code examples.

CachedBuffers Description:
CachedBuffers is a lightweight and simple object library for Delphi  that enables you to test the reading and writing speed.
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An X-men movie theme.
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