KeePassToRDP aims to facilitate the connection to remote workstations via the Windows' Remote Desktop Connection utility. It extracts the login credentials out of a KeePass database, automatically generating and encrypting the RDP file, then launching a new remote session.
Extract credentials from KeePass and launch remote connections
The application does not require KeePass to be installed on your computer. It just uses data stored within a KeePass database to extract the username and the password it needs.
To be more specific, it goes through the title, notes and tags of all the database records and remembers the ones that include the case-insensitive string “RDP”. All the matching entries are displayed in a drop-down list within its main window, even if they are organized in groups (KeePassToRDP preserves the database structure, so that you can identify credentials easier).
An intuitive interface with simple options
Using it shouldn't pose any problem, since the interface consists of a single window with all the options included. You start by opening the KeePass database you want it to analyze. Once the server list is generated, you can select the desired record from the drop-down list and launch the connection with the push of a button.
KeePassToRDP can be configured to connect to a server administration session or launch in public mode, when bitmaps and passwords are removed from the cache for security purposes.
A handy tool for existing KeePass users
KeePassToRDP can initiate remote connections to a target host by extracting user credentials from a KeePass database.
If you are accustomed with KeePass and use it as your password manager, then it's probably worth a try. Otherwise, you could simply instruct Remote Desktop Connection to remember your credentials and launch a remote connection just as easy.


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Download →→→






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KeePassToRDP is a free and open source, light-weight, and easy-to-use tool for connecting to remote computers and launching and managing the Remote Desktop Connection via the Windows’ Remote Desktop Connection utility.
Works with a KeePass database
No installation required, no KeePass
Open source
Automatically extracts and encrypts the credentials
“KeePassToRDP” as the default name for the generated RDP file
Configurable to connect to a public server (requires bitmaps and passwords to be removed from the cache for security purposes)
Actions can be configured as different shortcuts
Works in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows
Controls opening in a drop-down list
Unicode support
Support for read/write through a database file

Click on the Download Now link to download the file, which is 5.3 MB in size.

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KeePass2Clipboard is a free open source and multiplatform solution designed to provide access to passwords and other sensitive information from your clipboard. When a password is copied to the clipboard, KeePass2Clipboard will prompt for the correct password and automatically login to the KeePass database associated with the password. Passwordless logins may be accessed as well by copying a KeePassRPC URL.
If you have files you would like to upload to the clipboard, KeePass2Clipboard makes it easy to select multiple files and upload them all at once. This plugin is recommended for users who need to log into their KeePass databases with sensitive files that need to be uploaded from the clipboard.
In addition to accessing your KeePass databases through the clipboard, KeePass2Clipboard also allows you to access password databases on remote servers directly from the clipboard, without first copying them to your local drive.

Click on the Download Now link to download the file, which is 4.1 MB in size.

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KeeCompass is a free open source and multiplatform network navigation client designed to connect to local area networks (LAN) and the Internet. The application works on all major platforms and includes functions for connecting to Wifi, Wifi Direct, and to virtual private networks. In addition to basic communication functions, KeeCompass offers a full-featured browser with a Webkit engine that allows users to surf the Internet while their network connection is still in use

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All the passwords are extracted from the database and saved in the RDP file with the addition of a key if they were encrypted or stored as bitmaps.
Unicode-based: 8.0.6000.13931
64-bit: 6.0.6002.19001
Tested with:
KeePass version: 2.35.2
KeePassXML version:
KeePassRPC version:
KeePassLib version:
KeeFox version:
Windows version: Windows 7, Vista, 8, and 10
Authentication module: KeePassRPC, KeeFox, KeePassLib, FreeOTFE
Database connections: Windows RDP, FreeOTFE
Exported passwords: Unicode-based (8.0.6000.13931)
64-bit (6.0.6002.19001)
Note: RDP might fail at connecting to the host if the case of the host name is different from the case of the username.
How to use
For 64-bit versions:
Download the file from the following link and extract it to a temporary folder:

Run KeePassRPC.exe and run KeePassToRDP from the File menu.
For Unicode-based versions:
Download the file from the following link and extract it to a temporary folder:

Run KeePassRPC.exe and run KeePassToRDP from the File menu.
Supported software
KeePass 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x
KeePassXML 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x
KeePassLib 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x
KeeFox or later
FreeOTFE 2.

KeePassToRDP 0.11.3 Free Registration Code PC/Windows

KeePassToRDP is a light-weight utility that allows you to connect to any host with Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). It provides a quick and easy way to connect to any Windows machine and run any application, even without having to be connected to a physical computer. In addition, KeePassToRDP also allows you to load credentials from a KeePass database for the purpose of connecting to remote machines.
Download page:

How KeePassToRDP works:

KeePassToRDP is a command line utility and it doesn’t have any graphical user interface. It sends the password encrypted into an RDP file. The file is saved and a new session is launched.

Download and install

Download the KeePassToRDP exe file and install it:

Open the Windows file explorer and go to your KeePass installation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\KeePass.

Double-click the KeePassToRDP.exe file and double-click the KeePassToRDP icon to launch it.

Run the application.

You can now connect to any Windows computer using KeePassToRDP without any need of an active KeePass database or a KeePassToRDP database.
You can also select a specific remote host and let KeePassToRDP connect to it.

To do that you need to add the server list to KeePassToRDP.

Open the KeePassToRDP application and click on the New button.

Click on the Select a Server List… button to add the desired server list from KeePass.

You can then select the target server by clicking on the corresponding row.

KeePassToRDP preserves the database structure so you can identify your credentials easier.

Use it

Launch KeePassToRDP and select a target Windows remote host.

A pop-up window appears to let you choose the target host.

Now you can choose the same remote target host from the KeePass database.

Run the application and select the required KeePass database.

KeePassToRDP connects to your chosen remote host automatically and displays the list of accessible remote hosts.

You can click the Connect button to connect to the target host.

What’s New In KeePassToRDP?

System Requirements:

The recommended PC specifications are listed below, but if you have a PC that can run the minimum requirements listed below, then this game should run fine.
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
64-bit OS.
2GB RAM (16GB recommended).
2GHz or higher processor.
DirectX 11.
DLC Requirements:
There are a few pieces of optional content included with the Ultimate Edition of Dragon’s Dogma, however, they are limited in scope and cannot be purchased separately. These