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jambalakidipambamp4moviefreedownloadIt’s no secret that in today’s consumer world, “cheap” doesn’t usually mean an upscale product for most people. We’re more likely to save the money for dinners out with our friends or to pay for entertainment like sports.

But some companies have decided they’d rather sell a pricey product with a reputation for reliability and quality than a cheaper one. And the trick to keeping the attention of consumers? Focus on the unique characteristics of their products, and make sure they’re more important than “cheap.”

Coke, for example, does its best to make its product seem exclusive by “sharing” its favorite stories about the people who made it. In one case, a Coca-Cola bottle caught on fire in Mongolia and the firefighter who rescued it stood on it for more than an hour as he waited for his safety harness to release. In another, a woman in France tied hundreds of plastic bottles to the back of her car so her family could collect water and other supplies for famine victims in Africa. And in a third, a group of New Zealand college students won a cash prize after freezing about 2,800 old Coke bottles.

On the other side of the world, in Austria, a new Coke bottle was made, with a metal top in place of the plastic bottle on the market, to match the company’s new aluminum logo.

Shell sells a variety of gasoline brands in the U.S., including the wholesale brand Shell, but also Shell V-Power, Express and Mobil 1. The Mobil 1 ethanol blend is 75 percent ethanol, which is blended with gasoline to reduce emissions and increase energy. Express is 100 percent ethanol, and Shell V-Power is 99.5 percent ethanol.

Shell V-Power recently changed its name to “Shell 100.” And the company hasn’t been afraid to sell their message. Shell has a TV ad campaign that includes a spot that focuses on the fact that ethanol blends raise the price of gasoline and that Shell is using “ethanol to lower the cost of gasoline.”Q:

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