Compatible with all major DAWs/OSs and instrument ensembles, AtomicReverb is the ultimate “plug-in” for all your recording and arranging needs.

True-RTA – Multi Band Graphic Equalizer

Among the numerous audio applications available today, True-RTA offers an advanced comprehensive graphic equalizer. Using eight bands as graphic controls, this application offers a wide variety of controls and presets covering every imaginable industry from rock to jazz.

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It was developed to replicate the way Indians normally transliterate Hindi and Gujarati texts in English, and it does just that. It also provides seamless support for the most popular Unicode encodings, including UTF-8 and UTF-16.

Mojibake is an open source text editor developed in Java SE 6, featuring a rich set of features and tools to help users edit, inspect, and translate text documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and more.
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