FASTEST Keymapping software for Mac OS X.
KeyMover is a software package that allows you to effortlessly switch between multiple applications and Windows on your Mac.
With Keymover, you can :
* Use one window to switch between several applications and windows.
* Switch seamlessly between two windows.
* Transparently close one window and bring up another.
* Switch between windows (hidden and shown) with one keystroke.
* Exclude an application from being a window switcher.
* Switch keyboard focus between windows and applications.
* Locate and navigate windows using the mouse.
* Drag and drop windows from one application to another.
* Save hot keys for common functions.
* Configure shortcut keys for custom applications.
1 – An easy to use interface.
2 – Unlimited number of windows.
3 – Transparent windows.
4 – A Windows or Applications mode.
5 – Switch to and from windows in both directions.
6 – Switch to and from windows with a single key.
7 – Locate, navigate and switch windows using the mouse.
8 – Drag and drop windows between applications.
9 – Save hot keys for common functions.
10 – Configure shortcut keys for custom applications.
11 – Copy and move windows.
12 – Switch applications and windows with a single key.
13 – Exclude windows from being a window switcher.
14 – Move applications to other places on the screen.
15 – Lock and unlock windows.
16 – View a list of windows and applications.
17 – Switch keyboard focus between windows and applications.
18 – Customize the window switcher behavior.
19 – Store hot keys in the preferences.
20 – Cleanly exit KeyMover.
21 – Uninstall.
*** The Mac version is available as a free download.
*** A handy free upgrade to KeyMover 2 is available.
*** KeyMover also includes a full complement of configuration features.
KeyMover 1.0.0 has been tested in Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, but it is recommended that you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
How to Download and Install:
1. Download the KeyMover files using your browser.
2. Move the file to your Applications directory.
3. Open KeyMover using Finder.
KeyMover will now start. Press the space bar to d82f892c90

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MaxxMEM2 is a lightweight tool that allows you to estimate the performance of your computer’s memory with minimum effort. You can use it to compare the performance of multiple computers or to test different configurations on your machine.
Any overclocking enthusiast knows that the RAM performance is essential for the overall computer statistics. Whether you are just curious or intend to tune the memory for high performance, this tool can provide you with some basic information.
It can test the RAM speed when writing, reading or copying files and displays the results in the main window. You can also view the memory latency in order to estimate its effect on the computer performance.
If you want to test different CAS timings, this tool can help you estimate the results with just one click. The benchmark only takes about twenty seconds and allows you to store the results to the clipboard or as a JPG file.
You can use your results in order to compare your machine with other users or with the average scores for the type of memory detected on your computer. Although it might not be entirely relevant, it can show you if the performance can be improved by tweaking the RAM parameters.
The interface of the program is simple and easy to understand even by the users that have no previous experience with overclocking. Although it is not recommended to use other applications during the test, the benchmark had no impact on the computer performance.

RAMTest Description:
RAMTest is an excellent application for testing the efficiency of your RAM. You can use it to benchmark the RAM modules of your computer with just a few clicks. RAMTest allows you to measure the speed of all modules used on the system and displays them on the screen.
As an example, you can check the RAM modules of your current system or of a compatible computer. Once the test is completed, you can view the results in the results tab.
You can also export the information to a text file or save them to a JPG file. Although there are some limitations, this application can be helpful for testing the RAM modules.
It can be very useful for comparing the RAM modules of multiple computers. This tool is not intended to be an overclocking application but it can be helpful for finding out if the RAM settings are optimal for a specific system.
If you want to benchmark different RAM configurations you can use the RAM memory settings tab to do so. RAMTest offers a good option for those that want to optimize their computers.
KEYMACRO Description:
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