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Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen [1,776,927] English Subtitles. Hi, i am rajeshwari thakur and i am doing bacalar.i am a website developer.Q:

How to query the content of a uploaded file in an MVC 3 application using Linq?

I’ve got a view that allows a user to upload a file. It’s a HttpPostedFileBase object with an instance of a corresponding object.
I need to display in a data grid the size of the file and display a filename, content type and description of the file.
I know I can get the information for the uploaded file like so:
HttpPostedFileBase MyFile = Request.Files[File] as HttpPostedFileBase;

But I’m at a loss as to how to get that information into a data grid. What I really need is some sort of LINQ that will tell me the filename, content type and description of the file.
Any ideas?


I think you can do it in the post action for the view.
I’ve got a quick and dirty example here:

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Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen Full Movie 720p

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* Copyright (c) 2010-2017 Evolveum and contributors
* This work is dual-licensed under the Apache License 2.0
* and European Union Public License. See LICENSE file for details.

package com.evolveum.midpoint.model.intra;

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