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Digital methods for manufacturing implant crowns are well established and are continuously expanding, but 3-dimensional (3-D) printing is still in its infancy. This study evaluated the clinical effectiveness of 3-D printing for manufacturing implant crowns using one digital method and one traditional casting method. One digital method, the 3D printing method, and one traditional casting method were used to fabricate implant crowns with various positional displacements. Eleven implant crowns (four groups) were fabricated to evaluate the clinical results. Pre- and postoperative measurements of peri-implant probing depths (PD), marginal bone resorption (MAR), and bone density between the implant crown margin and the bone crest (BAS) were conducted for each crown. The fit of the crown was evaluated by superimposing the implant crown on the preoperative cast. The results revealed that both the 3-D printing method and the traditional casting method produced clinically acceptable crowns for a range of implant crown positional displacements. The mean PD and MAR values were slightly larger after crown manufacturing, although significant differences were not observed. Both the digital method and the traditional method produced clinically acceptable crowns in a range of implant crown positional displacements. However, more research is required to further improve the clinician’s experience with the digital method.Bruce Sterling’s syntactic birds

Bruce Sterling’s syntactic birds is a 1982 short story collection by American science fiction author Bruce Sterling, focused on “the varieties of free thought, psychological or otherwise, exercised on Unidentified Flying Objects and how they affect the flow

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– HD Quality

– User-friendly interface

– Multi-language support

– Professional file manager

– More than 30 different voice: English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese and many more.

– Password protection and protection of various files on SD cards.

– Tabs to quickly navigate.

– It allows to watch movies over Wi-Fi and mobile network.

– Fullscreen movie player; Support for audio, subtitle, Dubbing.

– Supports all popular video formats like: m4v, 3gp, mp4, mkv, mov, wmv, avi, etc.

– Support all popular audio formats like: flac, mp3, wav, aac, aiff, etc.

– Support both 32-bit and 64-bit.

– Supports all screen resolutions.

– Supports file renaming and tagging; Allows to organize files in any folders.

– Watch movies or record video at any location using the built in microphone.

– Support for ISO image.

– Support for SD Card.

– Built-in dictionary search (8,000 english-french dictionary and 13,000 english dictionary)

– Built-in translators.

– Support for TTS, Batch Files.

– Support for parental control.

– Support for subtitles, dubbing, audio and video.

– Support for all popular audio and video codecs.

– DVD and Blu-ray drive support.

– Support for MSS2.

– Support for SMB shares.

– Support for Mac OS.

– Support for Linux and Windows-based virtualization software.

– Support for WPS printer-server.

– Support for MP3 and OGG audio streaming.

– Support for MP4 and Quicktime audio streaming.