Studying diseases implies understanding the underlying mechanisms which dictate their inception, development and subsequent evolution. One such mechanism, the protein folding (or actually, misfolding) can offer valuable insights into the occurrence of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s. The joined researchers from multiple universities have developed a tool that can make the average user an active participant in the first line of defense for such diseases. Folding@Home will basically allow your PC to use its computational power and run background processes for performing protein simulations which in turn, yield valuable data for the fight against such diseases.
Straightforward deployment process that takes you straight to business
The application features a simple setup process and all that users need to do in order to begin “work” is to define a client name and preferably select a corresponding team. Fortunately, the developers were kind enough to provide a detailed tutorial on their website.
Having defined a client, users will then be able to start running the folding simulations and an accompanying progress bar will serve as a status notifier.
Select a preferred research branch and even opt for earning points
A dedicated web-console which is deployed together with the app will allow one to select a preferred research field, namely a disease. Furthermore, one can also choose a user name, in order to be able to enter a point-earning plan.
Last but not least, a range of indicators will notify users of the available time for completing particular tasks, work unit details or even opportunities to join newer tasks, such as the ones currently unfolding against the novel Coronavirus.
An ingenious solution that allows users to provide a helping hand to those who are involved in researching cures to some of the most common diseases
Take your chance on altruism and allow part of your PC’s computing power to be used for the greater good of fighting diseases. This app will allow you to indirectly help researchers that are constantly fighting to find cures for common diseases, by providing you with a customizable computational client.







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Folding@home is an open source distributed computing project that is dedicated to battling a variety of diseases by running parallel simulations of proteins. The project can be used to help researchers combat diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more. Users can run the folding simulations on their own computers or PCs or join the distributed computing effort and share their computer processing power with others.
Each completed simulation yields a unique folding coordinate, known as a structural signature. These structural signatures are compared to previously-collected signatures, to enable researchers to detect the most probable protein structure. Folding@home is an open source project, so anyone can join the distributed computing effort and help find cures for some of the most common diseases.

In this brief tutorial, we have learnt how to install and configure PHP 7.1 for Apache 2 on Ubuntu 18.04. It was important that the PHP 7.1 was configured to run as a module, and this was made possible by adding a php7.1.d folder to the /etc/apache2/mods-available folder. The following is the relevant content of that folder.

Alternatively, one can also use the apt command as suggested here. After all the steps described in the tutorial were carried out, we should see a new file in the /etc/php/7.1/mods-available folder named php7.1.load.

In order to check that PHP 7.1 is indeed up and running, we will need to use the phpinfo command.

This will produce a new page as shown below. It can be seen from the screenshot that the PHP 7.1 has been configured to run as a module. It can also be seen that the version of PHP is 7.1.0.

The next step is to make sure that PHP 7.1 can be loaded on the web server. This can be verified by putting the following lines of code in a file and then using the a2enmod command, as shown below.

When executed, it should produce the following results.

You can see from the results that PHP 7.1 was indeed loaded. This was achieved by using the service command to start the Apache 2 web server, as shown below.

The next step is to verify that PHP 7.1 is being used as a module by Apache 2. To do this, open the /etc/apache2/mods-available folder and then check whether php7.1.conf

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KEYMACRO is a replacement keyboard macro program for your OS/2 keyboard. It is a clone of MS Office.
With KEYMACRO you can make very powerful macroes for a lot of applications. The BIG advantage of this software is that you can develop complex macroes for many applications without having to install any additional software.
KEYMACRO is mainly targeted towards office workers who want to perform a lot of small operations, e.g. create a sheet with the name of the file, the file name, the file extension, the date, the time and maybe more. Other things like cutting text in different places and even cutting and pasting is supported.
This software will help you a lot and you will never have to manually use a lot of small operations.
keymacro; Os/2 Office programs; Small operations; Activities; Macros; Creation; Cutting; Typing; Position; Key sequence; Perform; Replace; Enter
Source Code: KEYMACRO (obfuscated)
Password: open source
Utility Key: 2
System Requirements:
A (old) keyboard with Windows shortcuts
Size: 7,85 MB
Date Created: 11/03/2002
Language: German
Paypal: no

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Finding a point in a vector field

I have a vector field $\vec{F}=\left(x,y+x\sin(y),z\right)$.
I want to find the point where $\vec{F}$ is perpendicular to the plane $z=0$ and at the same time $\vec{F}$ has the maximum absolute value.
Can I do that without finding the minimum and the maximum of $\vec{F}$?


$\vec{F} = \begin{pmatrix}x \\ y + x\sin(y) \\ z \end{pmatrix}$
We have $
abla \times \vec{F} = \begin{pmatrix}0 \\ 0 \\ 1\end{pmat

Folding@Home Free

Fold is a client for the Folding@home distributed computing project. It is a simple to use application that allows users to run folding simulations with their computers. The user’s computer does not need to have any special hardware other than a standard computer running Windows. Fold allows users to choose their own project, the diseases they care about, and whether they are interested in points, money, or both. This program is only a client for the Folding@home project. It does not affect the researchers own computers in any way.

With the move towards ‘Always on’, the internet of things (IoT) has opened up a wide range of opportunities for innovative businesses. It is not surprising then that the Samsung ION Experience, a smart TV range, is coming with IoT enabled features. Some of the IoT features will prove useful to users of the TV range; for example, the ability to control the TV via the internet without any need to use the remote control.
Another appealing feature includes the ability to view the nearest movie times; details of the movie and the movie’s title will also be displayed. The Samsung ION Experience will also provide users with Samsung’s ultimate recommendation feature; and not only this, but the experience will also recommend a maximum number of video apps that the TV will allow to be played simultaneously on the same screen.
All of these features will enable the TV to know the tastes of the viewers and act as a first assistant of sorts. It will also enable people to view a range of content and will in this way eliminate the need to search for different apps.
According to the official release, the Samsung ION Experience will be available in North America in mid-2015 and will cost $2299 (Canada).
The Samsung ION Experience is the follow up to Samsung’s 2014 offering, the Samsung UHD TV 4K range. The latter was also Samsung’s first 4K LED TV offering in North America.

The WLAN Alliance WLA-XXXXX with AUI and 5Ghz frequency band has recently announced that they have created their first tool to analyze the communication interference in smart home installations. It is called the Apx Wireless Signal Analyzer (WSA) and is a device which could be used for the evaluation of the communication performance in smart home installations such as the ones that use the Wi-Fi 5GHz frequency band.
This new tool offers a variety of modes to analyze and interpret the signals coming from the smart

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System Requirements For Folding@Home:

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