MetaKeys is a Keyboard macro manager for Windows that enables the user to define macros of Windows hotkeys. The user has to only press a few keys, and MetaKeys then assigns the same or similar keystrokes automatically to the macros. In addition, it provides an autoconfirm function, so that the user can press a key only once, and MetaKeys will confirm that the user pressed the corresponding key on the hotkey. The hotkeys can be anything, and there is no limit to the number of them that can be assigned. The user can set up a series of hotkeys, or he can use existing hotkeys. The key sequences for the hotkeys can be copied and pasted, and it is also possible to create a macro from an existing keysequence. The hotkeys can be assigned to a group, and that group can be given a shortcut key, which enables the user to access the hotkeys easily. The macro templates can be created as key combinations, in which case the windows will not be disturbed. It is also possible to use hotkeys for the macro definitions, which is very useful for those users who do not want to use any other application to assign the hotkeys.

MetaKeys doesn’t use any registry entries, and it doesn’t change any system settings or alter the Windows registry.

MetaKeys can be downloaded from the Internet:

You can use it:

Compile it:

How to install the latest version:

How to install the older version:

1. Start MetaKeys.
2. Click Add, select New Macro and define 70238732e0

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As they have been used for ages to send information across long distances, Morse code is still used in the modern world to send a variety of messages. Morse code practice is an application designed to teach you all about the basics of Morse code, right from the very start. The application is simple to use and can be used on your PC without any further setup. It requires the use of a keyboard to input the Morse code you would like to send.
Morse code is a system of sending messages with a series of short and long signals. You don’t need to memorize long signals or tricky codes in order to be able to send messages. They are just a bunch of simple letters and symbols that you need to input in order to send messages. It’s as simple as that. Morse code practice is an application that will help you in building up a solid foundation in the use of Morse code.
Use Morse code practice to:
Gain a better understanding of what Morse code is, and how you can use it to send messages in this modern world. Get a better grasp of how you can use Morse code in order to avoid becoming a prey in the wilderness. Learn more about wireless technology in order to keep up with the trends. Learn how Morse code works to find yourself communicating with the rest of the world.
You will be shown how to use Morse code practice to send messages. It will take you through how to use the various codes of Morse code, and how to send and receive them. Learn how you can use Morse code in various situations in order to avoid becoming a prey in the wilderness. You will also be taught how you can use Morse code in your daily life, like when you talk with your family or talk with friends.
You will also be able to practice sending Morse code through this application. You’ll be given an alphabetized list of the Morse codes and an alphabetized list of the symbols. You will also be taught how to send Morse code messages in the process. The application also allows you to use different codes and symbols, and you can try sending the codes and symbols you learn through Morse code practice.
Keymacro Supports:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Email addresses and notes
Connection settings for online games
Black theme
Note: Keymacro 0.21 will be the only updated version of the program to add these features. It will also fix a few other bugs that were found while the program was still in development. All existing users