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What’s New In?

Eating & Exercise is a fun simulation you can run to get an idea of how much you might need to change your lifestyle. Sure enough, it doesn’t need to be taken seriously, but it does manage to provide an impressive approach on the health problem created by the lack of balance between alimentation, and sport.
Key Features:
* Fun 3D Health simulation game.
* Interactive simulation.
* Adjust and set values for a variety of parameters.
* Realistic characters.
* Create an own character with personalized settings.
* Can be set to metric or English units.
* Realistic and detailed graphics.
* Adjustable environment and light effects.
* 7 different levels of exercise with their own challenges.
* All food products available.
* Constantly updating graphs.
* On going game.
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Explore the vivid world of Aquatic & Biological Science with Fun Bubble.
Introducing a more realistic touch, you are tasked with the objective of putting out all the bubbles of a certain color.
Do you dare to challenge your friends? Can you complete the game? As long as you follow the rules, you can try the different levels to see the number of bubbles growing.
Share your levels on social media with friends, or record your gaming performance to improve your score.
With Fun Bubble, you can see how beautiful and magnificent the world of the Biomolecule and Physical Chemistry is!
Play Fun Bubble.
The game contains advertising. This is a free game, but some in-app purchases can be made. If you do not wish to make any purchases, you can set up your own limitation.
Follow the rules to remove bubbles. Follow them and you can score and enjoy many free games!
Have fun!
In the same vein as Buzz Bubble, Fun Bubble has acquired a touch of realism in the game elements and added in the world of Aquatic & Biological Science.
You can play with many bubbles to enjoy a more rewarding game.
Follow the rules and make a level!
Make a level with as many bubbles as you like.
What is the bubble color? There is a clue!
Follow the bubble color and enjoy the game.
Some bubbles are light blue.
Follow the light blue and enjoy the game.
The bubbles become lighter and lighter.
Follow the lighter and lighter bubbles and enjoy the game.
The bubbles become whiter and whiter.
Follow the white and enjoy the game.
The bubbles become brighter and brighter.
Follow the brighter and enjoy the game.
The bubbles are all white.
The game has reached its end.
You have cleared the game.
You can play freely.
Performing this day’s challenge, you can feel the satisfaction of a challenge to raise your score

System Requirements For Eating Exercise:

CPU: Intel Core i5 6300
OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent
Input Device: Keyboard and Mouse
XBOX ONE controller is supported for some of the games.
Wii U is supported for some of the games.
This software is not an official product from SEGA. All Rights Reserved.
I, Daniel Castillo, reserve all my rights regarding this software.
This is a work of my own and