Generates random text with many uses. You can easily create a random first or last name,
random phone number, etc. You can also use it to generate words, passwords, fake IDs,
passwords, etc. It can also help you create a list of random names from a custom database.
It’s a simple application, but has many uses.
Keymacro comes as a standalone application and is completely compatible with Windows.
It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
So, please download and install it now to keep your documents, images, music, videos, etc, safe from possible leaks.
Random Name Generator Software generates first and last names with certain regularity, but you can always change it to the desired parameters.
There’s a great possibility to generate a random list of names from a local database file.
Now, let’s see all the amazing features that Random Name Generator Software provides.
As you might already know, it’s a great tool for creating a list of random names from a custom database file.
So, if you need to do a lot of work with names from a database, this application will save your time,
and save your data in a protected file.
This will be highly appreciated when you want to generate a list with all your contacts’ names and save it in a separate file for safe keeping.
If you want to generate random data to create passwords or fake IDs for specific users,
this is a great tool to help you in the process.
You will also like to know that you can use the random name generator to generate random words or phrases for online surveys,
and it will help you create text messages, emails, tweets, etc.
As a powerful application, Random Name Generator Software can even generate random files from a specific extension, and even more.
It provides an intuitive user interface, and everything can be easily changed by using the mouse wheel.
You can easily generate an unlimited amount of random names, and there are no restrictions.
You don’t need to pay any special attention to the software’s settings when using the random name generator.
You can make a first name for example, with the right letter and number of characters.
In case you don’t know the exact number of characters, you can set it as you like and then edit the exact number of characters.
Similarly, you can select the appropriate gender d82f892c90

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+ Adding contacts to Contacts list
+ Creating shortcuts in the desktop
+ SMS information from SMSs sent from the computer
+ Send an SMS using an email address or a contact phone number
+ Configuring mobile phone number in SMS
+ Reading contacts and SMSs information

A program that monitors network bandwidth and traffic on your local area network.

Balls of Steel
– BOSS is a program to monitor and manage network bandwidth and traffic. It is very useful for companies with many computers connected to the Internet.
It can help to identify bottlenecks in the network and suggest optimal usage of bandwidth. It can also monitor and manage traffic on the local area network. BOSS provides network capacity planning and informs about network usage.

– BBSMAIL is a tool for working with BBS-Mail servers. It can send and receive files using the BBS-Mail protocol. It can also display status of connections and passwords. BBS-Mail is a special protocol for mail transfer used in many BBS networks, such as on-line games and social networks. In the interface, information about the server, connection, the number of connected users and transferred files are presented. The connection status can be displayed in real time. BBS-Mail is a mail transfer protocol that has existed since the early ’90s. It uses long strings to identify the server and files. It is included in most BBS software.

BIND DNS Resolver
– A utility for querying a database of DNS records. It is very simple and easy to use. BIND DNS Resolver is a lightweight and simple DNS client that allows you to use local cache for resolving DNS queries.
It can help to diagnose network problems and test functionality of the network. It is recommended to use it as a replacement for the ping command.
KEYMACRO Description:
+ Using DNS cache and populating it
+ Retrieving list of known hosts from local DNS cache
+ Retrieving list of known hosts from remote DNS cache

– BEAR is a tool to help you work with Back-end EAX applications. It can display the structure of the EAX server settings, create and edit profile and profiles of EAX server and fix common errors. It can also help you use BEA Back-end Session Cache.

BEI Broadband Network Monitor
– BEI Broadband Network Monitor allows you to analyze data transferred on the Internet. You