Create XFS barcodes with powerful help of XFS Barcode creation tools.
Support Barcode 16K & PDF417
Export to JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP etc
Color picker
Bookmark functions
Goto jump to function
Full screen functions
What’s new in XFS 2D Barcode:
1. Compatible with Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard
2. The method of printing barcode on label is changed to new way
3. The printing speed of barcode on label is much faster
Key features:
1. 1~2 hours printing time
2. User-friendly interface
3. Support new and edit function
4. Support many paper templates
5. Compatible with Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard
Key Features:
1. Code 39 / UPC-A / UPC-E / Code 93 / EAN-8
2. Dynamic range of 3 to 32 to allow printing barcode with high contrast ratio
3. High resolution
4. Support of reading barcode with width from 1 to 7
5. Printing barcode in size from A3 to A0
6. Supports all versions of 32, 64, and 128 bit data types
7. Supports Unicode and other special characters
8. Output as HTML page, graphic, ASCII, TXT, PICT, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG
9. Supports Unicode and other special characters
10. Works with Unicode and special characters
11. Color picker for customizing colors
12. Interchangeable raster and vector data files
13. Multilanguage
14. Save the entire project
15. Inches or centimeters unite measurement
16. Color picker for customizing colors
17. Supports Unicode and other special characters
18. Support batch printing
19. Support various paper templates
20. Undo and redo functions
21. Export to images formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, JPEG, etc.
22. Lots of tutorial of using this program.
23. Support on Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.


Brainiac PDF Page Extractor


PDF Document Extractor is a powerful PDF page extractor for Windows. It is capable to extract and convert any pdf pages into any image formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG etc.
Its scanning process is 84e02134c1

Panasonic Light Switch Utility
MAUS MasterPlan
Google Updater
MessageBox Wizard
Virus remover for Win32 Chir.B@mm
XILG – The XML Image List Generator
GL Manga Reader
Calculadora Inteligente
Easy-Data Mediacenter 2013 (formerly Easy-Data Mediaplayer)
Drag Drop E-mail List Manager
Quantum Circular Box Applet
Tray Stopwatch

Simple Macros Builder software.
Easy to use easy to understand.
Intuitive and very easy to learn.
Helps you create and run simple macros, VBA scripts and…

After the rebirth of the Windows operating system, it was clear that Microsoft didn’t have any intention of deviating from its predecessor’s design language: Windows 7 adopted a clean and almost minimalist design.
Although this meant that Microsoft wasn’t able to avoid the common complaint of relying on too many buttons and decorations, it certainly did help in removing a lot of the clutter.
The company decided to extend this approach to its browser with the release of Internet Explorer 9. While many users think that Microsoft is trying to confuse them with confusing design ideas, it has actually removed a lot of the excessive options that were previously available.
For example, there are no more buttons to toggle between different views on the Favorites tab. You can now simply scroll down to see your bookmarks and scroll right to see the history.
Another example is the fact that Internet Explorer now features a top bar, which acts much like a tab bar, that can be used to navigate between different websites.
Microsoft is trying to simplify the browser interface by moving the controls that were previously in the status bar to the top bar. This is, of course, to make it easier for users to see the icons on the top, which correspond to different options and functions.
However, the removal of the contextual menus that used to be found on the right side of the Internet Explorer window is a major drawback. This made it a lot easier for users to access the controls needed to manipulate the browser, as they only had to select a button on the top right of the window.
The bottom bar, which was previously only accessible by using the right-click menu, has been removed completely in Internet Explorer 9, but can still be used by dragging it to the left.
The new version of Internet Explorer is a vast improvement over Internet Explorer 8, and its simplicity makes it a joy to use.
Keymacro is a software for creating macros for windows, which is much like the macros built into Windows, but it is more flexible than the first version.
The software is much easier to use and has a much cleaner interface.
Keymacro allows the creation of macros using the following features:
Variable names.
Macro Recording
The ability to insert a macro in any document
File Types
It can record macros on several file types, including: