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Dolphin Guide Full Crack enables you to operate your computer even if you have low vision or you are partially blind. While most computers have on-screen keyboards that are easy to use, Dolphin Guide Serial Key also provides a talking keyboard and an innovative, zoomable text menu. This tool combines traditional Windows speech technology with the benefits of Windows-style menus, enabling you to easily access common system functions without the need for a mouse or a special keyboard.
Dolphin Guide Cracked Version Features:
This intuitive tool combines the best of Windows speech technology with Windows style menus to offer access to virtually every Windows function with just the use of a talking keyboard.
· Microsoft speech technology: Dolphin Guide Cracked Accounts uses the powerful speech capabilities of Windows XP to read the entire screen to you, letting you navigate, click and type without any special hardware.
· Windows-style menus: Control every function with Dolphin Guide Crack Free Download’s visually rich menus. Choose from menu items, even if they’re not even displayed. Want to zoom in on a text to see more words? Click on the text, then use the keyboard’s ‘Ctrl’ key to zoom into text as big as your computer monitor.
· Typing is more precise: Typing on Dolphin Guide’s menus is better, easier and more accurate than typing on a standard keyboard.
· Unlimited access to talking books and magazines: You can listen to more than 11,000 freely available Talking Books and more than 18,000 Talking Magazines.
· Links to Web content: Dolphin Guide can display links to the Internet, read RSS feeds from RSS-aware news readers, and open your favorite websites in Internet Explorer 6 or later with no special drivers or configurations.
· Extremely easy to use: Guide is easy to get started with. Your first words from the main menu let you go straight to your computer’s audio device. After that, you only need to do two things to start using Guide:
â–º Select the item you want to control with the hotkey of your choice, then press Enter. Dolphin Guide will read the label of the selected item to you, and then control the function with its talking menu.
â–º Click and drag the cursor to select an item in a menu or on the screen, and it will be displayed in the first item in the menu. Press Enter to activate.
Ø Keyboard control: Dolphin Guide’s talking menus are easy to see, easy to use, and even more importantly, easy to navigate. A 12-key Windows-style keyboard is included with every Guide you purchase

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Dolphin Guide is an app with two goals: to make it easy for anyone, including those with low vision or no vision, to access the Internet and all of its content, and to help them take full advantage of the opportunities that the Internet provides.
Specifically, Dolphin Guide gives users with low vision the ability to search the Internet, send email and other tasks via voice command; it allows users to manipulate and control text and PDF documents by speaking and via the mouse; it delivers news and e-books to users; it provides a number of other functions, including direct access to the Internet and access to many Web-based services.
The goals of Dolphin Guide are based on an investigation of the most effective methods for those with low vision, as well as a survey of the needs of persons with low vision, both in the U.S. and internationally. In addition, the project team made use of input from a number of sighted users.
To that end, the app provides many tools to help users who are blind or partially blind take full advantage of the Internet. It provides voice-driven access to Web search, email, and browser content. Through a series of features, Dolphin Guide provides text magnification and voice output to augment the built-in text-to-speech capabilities of Windows.
The app also includes online dictionaries, which enable users to look up words, pronunciations, and translations as they need them. Furthermore, Dolphin Guide lets users perform document scanning, create digital bookmarks, and read e-books aloud.
Dolphin Guide is a free app with a paid-for version that is available for download and purchase on the Windows App Store. It is currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

What’s new in this version:

New Google Drive integration.

Bug fixes and improvements.

Download Dolphin Guide APK for free from Microsoft Store for your Android device

***Note: Dolphin Guide is a free-to-try app. You can purchase the full version for in-app purchases.

***Note: Dolphin Guide can be used with a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 device.

***Note: This app works with any online content available on the Internet (webpages, videos, articles, books, etc.)

***Note: You can use the app in offline mode too, just turn on the Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet connection.

***Note: This app works with the app’s own

What’s New in the Dolphin Guide?

Dolphin Guide for Mac is an amazing application for those who suffer from sight loss. Thanks to the tool, users can now print documents, scan and read emails with ease, and even view and read web pages directly on their desktops.

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