Do you understand digital marketing?

Jul 25, 2019Content Marketing

If you’re one of the many business owners or managers who struggles with understanding all the aspects of a marketing strategy, I want you to shift your mindset.

While traditional advertising and marketing were straightforward, we now have the added overhead of marketing and advertising online. Websites, Social Media, email campaigns, reviews and SEO have complicated our lives and confused the heck out of us. While technology is riddled with constant changes, there are a lot of things that are just common sense. We have given way too much power to gigantic companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, and keeping track of the changes that impact our business is not so hard. But we must make it part of our work lives…or we will be left in the dust. And these days things happen very fast.

I have some simple rules for clients, especially smaller businesses who are struggling to compete.

  • Have a well-designed website that meets all the basic criteria and has ongoing SEO optimization.
  • Claim all your social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In and Google my Business. Keep track of who the administrator is of those pages and securely store the login and password information.
  • Subscribe to a listing service so your business information is accurate and consistent across the web.
  • Post something weekly on your social sites. Holiday wish’s count…anything counts. Just post something relevant.
  • Stay in touch with your past customers. They can be the best source of referrals. Most companies finish and forget them. Get them on a monthly email campaign and keep in touch. Request reviews as often as possible.

There are on-demand software solutions that are low cost and will save you time if you’re doing this stuff yourself. If you are outsourcing these things make sure you watch over it. It always seems funny to me that companies want to outsource their social media. Social Media is about your companies’ culture, your personalities and values. You must be engaged in that at some level for it to be meaningful.

If you just do the basics, you’re in the top 20%. I’ve met many business people who use the excuse of being “computer challenged” to avoid learning this critical aspect of business. If that’s you, prepare to be eaten. It’s only going to get worse.