Every device runs on electrical current, which is transported through complex wiring systems that require a great deal of knowledge to create and understand. If you happened to skip on too many physics lessons in school, an abundance of educational applications such as DC Circuit Challenge are a neat way of getting to know what makes your computer run.
Intuitive design and multiple tests
The application sports a well-organized interface, with a background image covering your whole desktop by default so you can better focus on the given tasks. It can be modified or even turned off so you only work with the main window.
Up to seven tests can be accessed for parallel and series connection types, as well as various troubleshooting exercises. What's more, the application asks for a name before letting you take advantage of its features, but this is only to better store data and grades so you can later on analyze results to see if you've learned a thing or two.
Thorough, well-built documentation and examples
One of the application's greatest advantages is the documentation and the way it's presented to you. Text is clearly visible not only because of the clever contrast with the background, but multiple colors are used to differentiate expressions from subtitles, descriptions and things you need to keep in mind at all times.
With heavy documentation for each and every lesson you access, there's a high chance tests seem a walk in the park. Several examples are also provided, with schematics and visual feedback so you get an idea of the design pattern and element representation.
Track your progress and export results
Most effort on your behalf when taking a test is to properly handle numbers and expressions. Requirement fields only need to be fitted with numbers and values, in some cases having to choose from multiple answers.
Results are displayed on the spot, with the possibility to have them saved to file. What's more, the application lets you print it out on a sheet of paper, with an appealing default design that displays your info and general status, as well as corresponding grades.
To sum it up
All things considered, we can safely state that DC Circuits Challenge is a powerful learning application dedicated to electricity and its flow through a system. It's easy to use by anyone, with the stunning amount of details for every type of situation and test you can take, examples to get you up and running, and grading system to keep you going until you master it.







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In this exciting game you are going to demonstrate your knowledge of the basic principles of electricity.
The program features two types of tests: series and parallel.
With different types of tests, solving problems will be a piece of cake.
It has a system of grading and can be used to monitor your progress, and export results.
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DC Circuits Challenge Free

DC Circuit Challenge is an application to solve, test and learn about DC circuits, providing multiple challenges for every type of situation.

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DC Circuits Challenge Keygen Full Version [Updated] 2022

Get to know the basics of electricity and it’s flow through a system. Learn all about resistance, voltage, and current, and more with multiple tests and exercises. Additionally, you can track your progress and export your results.
Top Features:
Multyple tests and exercises for various situations:
Troubleshooting tests:
Power Supply
Power Factor
Current Flow
Testing a Power Supply:
Measurements of voltage and current
Viewing Voltage and Current
Is my source actually connected?
Measuring Voltage
Measuring Current
Troubleshooting and editing values:
Data fields
Value filter
Equations and Markups
Setting up a Plug-in:
Defining its function
Adding the required fields
Setting the necessary settings
Evaluating the plug-in
Level 1 knowledge of Math
Expressive writing skills
Assemble your base
DC Circuits Challenge 1.3
Edit fields and values
DC Circuits Challenge is a powerful and
in-depth educational application that
teaches you all about electricity.
Its intuitive interface, with multiple tests and exercises,
will surely get you hooked.
A fun and thorough documentation will keep you going and
provide additional resources and links.
Its project management, with trackers, exports, printouts and
many more, makes the application more than just a
basic application to study and learn about electricity.
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What’s New in the DC Circuits Challenge?

One of the most impressive examples of a real-life education tool. DC Circuits Challenge helps you get to know the subject and prepare for the next level of study. It's a physics application that shows you the basics of energy conversion, the building blocks of most electronic devices. Based on the Diploma of Electrician, the program is designed to introduce you to electrical theory and principles, as well as the current industry trends.
+ Designed specifically for a wide range of students
+ 7 tests with a built-in variety of situations
+ Detailed explanation of concepts, as well as answers and feedback
+ 8 problem types, from Voltage, Resistance, Ampere and Capacitance to Current and Resistance
+ Tests are graded and scored
+ Multiple grading options (Sub-Multiplication, Multiplication and Grade by Distance)
+ Detailed and fully customizable homework
+ Detailed and well-built documentation and examples
+ Printable results and diagrams
+ 3 different diagrams to show elements and their electrical properties
+ Export data to your personal account or to be displayed in your future lessons
+ Numerous corrections and data revision options
+ A brief introduction to each test
+ Detailed help with the navigation and operation of the application
+ Share your scores with your friends on Facebook
+ Reminders to start or finish your homework
+ In-app feedback, allowing you to submit your answers and score them properly
What's New:
+ New introduction animation when opening the application
+ Optimized drawing section with a lot of fixes
+ Fixed an issue with previous fixes
What's New:
+ New animation when changing tests or before submitting your answers
+ Fixed the issues with drawings
+ Fixed the issues with iCloud Synchronization
+ Fixed an issue with iOS 12
+ Fixed an issue with the iPad with Split View
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