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CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint Archieval [Updated-2022]

CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint is a utility that is designed to help organizations quickly and easily move the email attachments created from now on to the included Sharepoint library. In addition, Sharepoint folders are now created in the Document library that can be specified in the configuration file.
Once Attachments are moved to Sharepoint, users will be able to delete the same form CRM Email as well as provide an iframe inside Email Form. This will then show up the Attachments stored in Sharepoint.
Please read more about it at the attached link. If you have any questions regarding this solution, please post back.

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regarding your comments
This is a very nice solution for working with Sharepoint.I have 2 problems with this solution:
– With older versions of CRM, the URL of the Word document attachment is not updated if you are using a file access protocol
– I am still not able to create a Word Document attachment on the attachments page on CRM Server
For both problems, I have a solution that works.However, it is not a nice solution.Do you have any suggestion?
My solution:
Step 1: Create a function to get the word document url. You can find the code of this function in the project “SharePoint CRM 2011 SharepointLibrary Courier”

This solution will generate a url for you. I am still looking for a solution without that code.
Step 2: If you use a site map, you have to update the url of the attachment. If you are not using a site map, the solution by Alexander Häfliger should work for you.

CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint Archieval License Key Download

CRM 2011 – Everytime a CRM Email Attachments is sent, a CRM Email Attachments is also saved to a file called _R_mail_doc\c_matt_sent\hash.
CRM 2011 – After sending a CRM Email with Attachments, You can also generate an iframe to show the Attachments in a page.
CRM 2011 – Add all available Attachments from a specified Salesforce Attachment file.
CRM 2011 – Create a table to hold all Data from Salesforce Attributes.
CRM 2011 – An email attachment is not only a tpl file, but also a Sharepoint library. In addition, Salesforce Attachments are now saved in Sharepoint.
CRM 2011 – An Salesforce Attachment is now saved to a Sharepoint file.
CRM 2011 – Create a view to store all CRM Email Attachments on c_matt_sent.
CRM 2011 – Send email using email template saved on file system, or create an attachment in Sharepoint
CRM 2011 – Extract contact field value from Email Attachment 
CRM 2011 – Now it’s possible to extract the Email Attachments from a page that contains a link to the Sharepoint Library.
CRM 2011 – Each time the CRM Email is sent, the system automatically creates the _R_mail_doc\c_matt_sent\hash file on the file system.
CRM 2011 – Just update Sharepoint to view the newly added Attachments.
CRM 2011 – When creating a new CRM Email, the file structure and the default Attachments is generated.
CRM 2011 – Import/Export CRM Email Attributes (Attributes are now loaded automatically, but need to have CRM Email Attachments in the Excel sheet.
CRM 2011 – List all available Attachments from a specified Salesforce Attachment file.
CRM 2011 – Multi-currency support, previously only English was supported.
CRM 2011 – Pre-send email will automatically append an iframes to the Email HTML.
CRM 2011 – Pre-send email now supports attachment of Sharepoint libraries.
CRM 2011 – Pre-send email will automatically append an iframes to the Email HTML.

CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint Archieval

CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint has been fully integrated with CRM 2011. It also includes all the settings.

SharePoint folder created using CRM 2010
CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint should be compatible with Sharepoint 2010 & CRM 2011:
SharePoint 2010 Supported:
SharePoint 2010 is a full-featured enterprise software application platform that enables organizations to manage content, people, processes, and relationships across the entire enterprise.
CMS: (CMS stands for content management system) CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint is a Content Management System (CMS). It is a complete content management system that allows you to create and manage documents, pictures, multimedia files, documents, and other content.

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What’s New in the?

            Attachments created in CRM Email will now be moved to the file Sharepoint Library on the CRM Server.

            Sharepoint Folders will be created in the CRM Document Library based on the specified Folder Names or Filters.

            Attachments created in Email Form will now appear as if they are attached to the form.

            Users will be able to view iframed file inside of Email Form.

            Users will be able to add new Email form and attach files to the same form.

            Users will be able to delete the form which created the Email Attachment.

            This tool is created as a Sharepoint deployment package that include all the CRM Email attachment migration. It can be used in conjunction with CRM 2011 Upgrade package.


            You may use the feature to migrate emails attachments which where created in 2011 CRM. The migration process will copy the Email Attachments from CRM to a specified Sharepoint library

System Requirements For CRM 2011 Email Attachment – Sharepoint Archieval:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Processor: 2.6 GHz dual-core processor or faster (for multiplayer games)
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics (for multiplayer games)
Hard Disk Space: 30 GB of available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card and microphone
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Xbox One
OS: Windows 7,