Recovery for Access allows you to recover and restore corrupted Access databases along with their relevant tables, queries, forms and reports.
It also preserves and recreates the links between the tables, the relationships and the indexes, making your recovered files fully functional.
Its extensive version support means that the application can recover files that run Access for versions from 2002 to 2017.
Moreover, the intuitive wizard-like recovery process makes the software perfect for a wide variety of users, from novices to professional database administrators and developers.
The file format support of the application allows you to recover almost any type of database extension, including MDE, ACCDB, ACCDB, MDA and MDE.
The main advantages of Recovery for Access are that it can recover files regardless of their status (corrupted or not), that it can recuperate corrupted Access databases and that it can work with any Access version, including 2010, 2007 and 2002.

Appnimi Recognized Developer

This is the 3rd app I have received from Appnimi with all of them including the 3rd one the first two were Award Winning apps. Great development team. This program is very easy to use and I had no problem with it at all.


Alls1 App Review

This is a cool app. It is very easy to use. For example you can delete selected contacts from you phone contact list, You can delete selected file from SD card and You can also view your live photos. There is no ads and its free.

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Appnimi is the best

Appnimi is the best application which I have ever used. It has easy to use feature. To my surprise it has quite well feature. I was very impressed with it. I have tried it many other apps but they are not even close to it.

Appnimi is the best app i have ever used


CompactMail Customer Review

CompactMail is an email client with features that are unique in the market:
– Sync your email with your cloud accounts
– Mailbox supports Gmail, iCloud, Dropbox, Exchange, Protonmail and 5 more.
– Compatible with both Android and iOS.
– Compatible with Android Lollipop and above.
– Super fast and smooth for even the newest devices.
– Group chats, apps and file attachments sync.
– Even easier to eea19f52d2

Create, share and sell a musical masterpiece without writing a single line of code.
+ 1,300,000 users, the largest user base of any free desktop music creation tool
+ 20+ instruments, including Keyboard, Guitar, and Percussion
+ 3M+ custom instruments
+ 5M+ custom chord progressions and harmonies
+ 325+ instruments created by users
+ Approx 150+ instrument & chord templates available in MuseScore’s online community
+ Binaural recording, so you can feel and hear your musical masterpiece
+ MIDI import and export for backing tracks, loops, sequences, and more
+ 64-bit, native support for Windows 7, 8.1, 10
+ Export directly to other music software and the web
+ WYSIWYG notation layout and professional customizable look
+ Lyrics, chord charts, scorelines, color-coded noteheads and stems
+ Transpose any note, scale or chord
+ One-click instrument mute
+ Easily generate and print professional PDF or printable PDF versions
+ Create a score, or convert an existing music file into a MuseScore file
+ 20+ export formats (e.g. MIDI, Kontakt, Lasso, Lame, Ogg Vorbis)
+ Export to SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and more
+ Document and publish your musical composition as a beautiful PDF file
+ Sync your projects across all your devices and computers
+ Remote control your Musescore, including gain, mute, and volume
+ Send a private link for a copy of your musical masterpiece for others to view and listen to
+ Create custom sheet music using a variety of notation programs

Record music and make beats with the free, multi-instrument piano tuner app PianoBeat Tracker. With PianoBeat Tracker, you can tune multiple pianos by automatically tracking their individual notes and playing them back. Or, you can combine a melody into an improvisational solo. PianoBeat Tracker is a free app, meaning that you can access and download the basic version for free. If you want to unlock the advanced features, such as the ability to play back chords, record patterns, or use the PianoBeat Trainer tool for faster learning, you can pay a monthly subscription or pay for the full app.
PianoBeat Tracker is designed to be used alongside any other music software and app. It’s a great way to learn, practice, and create music using one of the most versatile applications on