Keymactracker is an utility designed to help users track their desktop keys, making them very easy to locate and recall.
Keymactracker is an…

Sisoft – Anti-Virus for Windows

A powerful, easy-to-use and user-friendly anti-virus utility for Windows. It scans, detects and removes viruses and spyware from your PC with minimal time and hassle. Sisoft Anti-Virus for Windows, comes with a friendly graphical interface that allows users to manage their software and registry without having to hunt for the necessary menu.
– Offers automatic virus, malware and spyware scans to ensure your PC is safe and clean
– Removes viruses from your computer within 3 minutes!
– Quickly scan new or existing files for viruses
– Quickly delete viruses from your PC
– Uses intelligent anti-virus technologies to ensure that viruses and malware are removed efficiently.
– Quick Scan:
– Detects, removes and quarantines viruses within minutes!
– Quickly clean infected…

For Mac – Mac Utilities – Softonic

The best free Mac utilities you can download!
Whether you want to optimize your Mac or want to repair your system, install apps or learn how to use your Mac, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Check out our best Free Mac Utilities, sorted by category and see what’s best for your needs.

Help for Windows, Mac and Linux

Help for Windows, Mac and Linux
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This tool allows you to add or replace characters from within a Windows application, or even from a command prompt.
How to use KEYMACRO:
KEYMACRO is a simple tool used for entering a text string and replacing its elements, such as characters, strings, or even whole lines of text, with a simpler one. You can also add new characters, such as accented or extended ASCII symbols.
This tool can help you to:
• Simplify tedious text strings, replacing them with shortcuts that are easier to type;
• Prolong the life of any Windows application by simplifying shortcuts;
• Make any file compatible for all Windows computers by avoiding problems with different character sets;
• Apply characters, strings, or even whole lines of text, depending on your needs.
KEYMACRO can replace both simple and complex Unicode symbols. To achieve this, you can add any character that you want.
For instance, you can type what you want to replace in the specified field. You can also check the box in front of the corresponding character, or you can even click on it and add it to the list of available characters.
The replacement can be done by pasting a certain character, or by typing the full path or name of the desired character. The latter option is the easiest way to go, as most Windows users are familiar with this. If you need to switch between different keyboard layouts, you can also do this.
Moreover, you can add characters by selecting a Windows application, and the characters will be added to the fields where they are needed.
You can combine as many characters as you want in a single replacement, as the tool allows you to enter any Unicode character you want. For instance, if you want to replace the ampersand (&) with a pound sign (#), then you should type ##.
Why should you use KEYMACRO?
KEYMACRO can serve as a convenient tool for handling any text file, whether it is a command prompt, a batch file, a Visual Basic project file, or whatever you want.
Just add characters to the field and save the file with a.CMD extension. In this way, you can add several shortcuts that will replace the original text.
When doing so, the tool makes the file work on any Windows system regardless of the keyboard settings. This means that you can go to the file and change the keyboard layout and be able to read it.
To add an icon to the file, you need to click