All files are supported.
You can transform these files into Playlist.
Setting the playlists. – you can set the files properties like location, name, date of creation, sort settings, size or you can use hotkey to play the specific file.
Adding new files – you just click next and drag the files to the playlist window and press “OK”.
Editing files – pressing “Edit” button you can edit the files and set the properties. You can filter out cde4edac5b

Why you would need something like Fenix Translator
As stated before, if you want to make use of Google Translate and you’re working in a non-English-speaking country, a simple desktop application like Fenix Translator is just what you need.
Say you live in a place which has very little internet access and your native language is one that can’t be properly translated by the search engine. What you end up doing is you use the website that uses