Scientific Notebook is a program that does just about anything, providing users the tools to perform complex calculations with ease. It features a simple but powerful interface that enables users to create their own custom workbooks where you can enter complex formulas and perform your calculations at the press of a button. The program also comes with an extensive library of calculators, hyperlinks, tabs, and all other tools you need to perform your own specific calculations.
Scientific Notebook has a very clean and intuitive interface that enables you to perform your calculations with ease. A simple click of a button allows you to define and perform different calculations and create your own calculators using a myriad of different functions. All functions can be executed in one click or by using predefined or custom shortcut keys. You can also quickly create and save your work in different formats, including comma separated values, Excel, text, unicode, and all other standard formats. You can also edit your work and save it in the current workbook with a few simple mouse clicks.
– The application supports over 5000 scientific functions and 6500+ numeric and mathematical operators. You can easily find and use the function you are looking for.
– You can create customized worksheets with the help of a myriad of different functions. These functions can be used to perform both complex and simple calculations.
– You can create custom worksheets with the help of the ‘Create Custom Worksheet’ function. This function lets you create a new worksheet that is unique to your project. You can use this function to create new worksheets where you can enter complex formulas and perform your calculations at the press of a button. You can also insert pictures, formulas, comments, hyperlinks, and all other useful elements to enhance your projects.
– You can save your work in a variety of different formats, including comma separated values, Excel, text, unicode, and all other standard formats.
– You can insert a variety of different tables including those with text, integers, dates, real numbers, date-time, boolean, arrays, matrix, and inline tables.
– You can create tables with the help of the ‘Insert Table’ function. This function allows you to insert a new table into your current worksheet. The new table has a variety of different properties including header row, headings, footer row, footings, row index, column index, border style, and background color.
– You can insert different graphics such 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a small, fast and very flexible yet powerful macro recorder for Windows that allows you to record the keyboard commands that you type into the default Windows program interface and then replay the recorded macro with a single mouse click.
Macros are similar to programming languages in that they define how your computer works, making them very useful when you want to repeat a task that you perform very often. For example, if you work in a computer lab and you need to manually open certain files with WordPad or every day, you could create a macro for this action, so that when you press the “record” button and then the “pause” button you can have your computer perform the action automatically whenever you need it to.
KeyMacro supports up to 5 users and has a simple interface where you can easily create, view, edit and execute your recorded macros without leaving the program interface. The main window of the software displays a list of recorded macros, along with their parameters (i.e. the text that the user inputs when he presses the keys). If you are using a separate macro for each user, the software lists the macros that this user is using, and if you are using a global macro (for example, a global macro to open your e-mail), the program displays the parameters of the global macro, even if you use it for all the users in your computer. You can even add new macros, delete the old ones or replace the parameters of a macro with new ones. You can also view the macro properties, print the list of your macros, or record your macros within the program interface.
Another useful feature is the ability to use the macros that you create to create a shortcut to a program. This feature is handy if you have a program that is already installed on your computer, and you want to add it as a default program for a certain file type. You could also use this feature to add your own programs to the list of default programs for certain file types.
KeyMacro is capable of capturing a minimum of 25 different key strokes at a time (that means you can record any key combination that you type in the Windows default program interface, including password dialogs and registration forms). This is also true for users that type very quickly; you can record up to a maximum of 300 keystrokes per macro. The software supports up to 5 different macros. The maximum number of users that you can have in a computer is 5.
KeyMacro works on Windows 2000